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     This 2 Day Spiritual Awakening Program is no longer being offered as a class. The information and

     meditation exercises are available on CD or a download. The information and exercises in this program

     are a required pre-requisite for the advance soul awakening classes now being offered.

                                                                   Spiritual Awakening Download


This 2-day workshop gave me more spiritual information and growth than attending church for 20 years. If you are seeking the answers your religion cannot answer, this workshop helps put it all in perspective at a much deeper level. VR Jackson MS


Truly an amazing workshop, everything and more than expected. I strongly encourage others to open their hearts and mind. To experience this workshop and find out more in depth of what life is all about. AH Jackson MS


Ishnah, your powerful level 1 meditations, my crystal and healing from the ascended masters and angels has resulted in leaving my Pulmonary surgeon in a COMPLETE state of shock.  He said "it's a miracle" at least 40 times.  I have your teachings to be most grateful for. MM Texas


I came to the class not knowing what to expect, but in search of something that religion has not provided so far. This class provided so much new information and hands on tools (meditations, breathwork). I feel this class has helped me find the right path for me to fulfill my purpose. I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it to my family members and everyone else that is searching as I was. SL Dallas TX


The workshop was very productive and insightful. The knowledge of the Universal truth was excellent. It cleared up a lot of questions "mysteries" for me. BW Chico CA


This workshop was a catalyst to my understanding and feeling of pure love energy and a reinforcement of my place in the earthly and cosmic realm. CL Chico CA


This powerful class expanded my consciousness, cleared blockages and karmic conditions. This is first time I felt self-love and know that my truth resides in the spirit I contain through light and radiate with joy. AH Phoenix AZ


This workshop gave me more than I expected. I appreciate all the tools I received and would like even more. HD Phoenix AZ


This class opened me up. I connected to my higher self and received tools to enable be to work on my spiritual journey. By the end of the program I was able to open up more than I ever have in my life. It was very powerful for a 2-day program.

RP Dallas TX


This was a very educational class. It taught me how to grow spiritually, and the entire experience has been life changing.

I am now able to create love in my environment. CM Dallas TX


This was my third time taking this class. Each time I learn, see and feel different things. The class helps me answer my big questions about my life who I truly am. It was an excellent experience. LL Dallas TX


I have been feeling a need to attend a spiritual workshop for the past month. I asked my guides (through my pendulum) every time I saw a workshop I felt I should attend. My pendulum kept indicating a not to attend signal. As soon I heard you on the Seeing Beyond Radio show with Bonnie Colleen, I asked my pendulum about this workshop. My pendulum gave me a yes answer to attend this workshop. I received a tremendous gift from this workshop of many ascended masters connecting to me and I saw lots of bright light. The spiritual wisdom and deep inner cleansing received from this class is priceless.  AT Fremont CA


I experienced a complete self-transformation, the veil has been lifted from my eyes and I have integrated completely with the Christ Consciousness and with everyone on Earth and beyond RT Fredericksburg TX


I feel many layers have been lifted. My connection to the Universe is definitely stronger. The love that comes in absolutely beautiful and beyond words. CB  Fredericksburg TX


This is a life changing experience. Ishnah's guidance helped me open up and release anything that didn't serve me, to let go of everything that stands in the way of my spiritual growth. CT Austin TX


I know that we all received even more than we can perceive from our class with you. What you have to offer is very powerful and I thank you for giving of yourself so that we can receive.  You are a beautiful light.   AP Little Elm TX


This program took me to a new level of energy and knowledge. It opened my eyes and heart to a new beautiful world.

TA Phoenix AZ


This program showed me that any belief can work with meditation, if you allow yourself. I was also able to release some deep issues from my past. I am now able to let go and move on.  Phoenix AZ


I experienced some inner cleansing, release of emotions and beliefs and connected with my higher self.  TV Phoenix AZ


I felt I reached  a level I have never reached before. DS Houston TX


I experienced my source and the being of light that I am. KM  Los Angeles CA


I experienced a new birth of my spirit. I know my life has changed because of it. I am more grateful then words can say. MT Sacramento CA


“The program with Inner Cleansing, Chakra Activation and Abundance Manifestation was very powerful. I experienced removal of blockages and had an enlightenment feeling”   L.L. Dallas TX

“The 2-Day program was more than I expected.  I was able to release blocks in my energy fields that I was unaware of. This allowed me to better connect and magnetize my deserved prosperity”. D.R. Reiki Master Bartlett TN


“The 2-Day Intensive program cleared my blockages, gave me a clearer understanding of 'life’s -purpose', and uplifted me to a higher level of consciousness & fulfillment. SK Dallas TX

"I experienced  inner cleansing, self love and acceptance from this workshop. I now feel really good about myself and feel the inner power within me to manifest my desires". JC Dallas TX






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