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Universal Spiritual and Soul Awakening Level 1 (2-Days Class-Workshop) - Product Image

Universal Spiritual and Soul Awakening Level 1 (2-Days Class-Workshop)

This 2-Day Self-transformation program was received through advanced Universal Spiritual Masters. The program is powerful hands-on experiential process that helps clear your negative energy blocks, opens higher channels and activates connection with higher GOD Source Energies. The program expands your consciousness; you receive a deeper understanding and connection to your Whole Self (Incarnate to Godseed). Learn about human energetics, its relation to vibrations, frequency, density and dimensions, and how this applies to the Universal Ascension Process. You learn and receive the UNIVERSAL HIGH FREQUENCY SOUL AWAKENING Techniques - 10 Meditations/processes. The spiritual Awakening program (and Creative Lifeforce power meditation) are required pre-requisites for this program. It is important to have practiced the various Chakra excercises several times (few weeks) in these two programs - and have your kundalini channel opened for this program [feel the flow of energy flowing along your spine when the lower 7 chakras (base-to-crown)are activated]. As this program helps open the higher central (Antahkarana) channel, works with higher Chakras, Activates DNA strands and opens you up to the higher frequencies / dimensional doorways. To host this in your area (a minimum of 6 people are required anywhere in USA/Canada and a minimum of 15 people in any other country). To Submit your general request to do this class - please send an email.
Price: $150.00 




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