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Creative Life Force Power Meditation - CD - Product Image

Creative Life Force Power Meditation - CD

Creative Life Force 50 minute Total Empowerment & Meditation Process opens your energy fields, activates your 7 energy centers, and develops your creative power to manifest your life pupose and desires faster. Learn about the mind process. Activate your core energy centers. The process clears your issues at the cellular level, energizes, transforms and strengthens your beingness, provides clarity. Clears your auric field, raises your vibration and transmits your intentions into the universal realm while in the superconscious meditative state. This is a powerful process. It will help you clear dense energies in your system and open up to the higher divine life force energies. This 50 Minute Program has 5 stages/processes: 1. Breathwork to open up your energy fields and clear dense thought fields 2. Sound creation to clear and develop your field 3. Energy activation of 7 main energy centers in your body field 4. High frequency sounds for deeper clearing of blockages in the physical/mental/emotional body fields 5. Empowerment with energy focus on clarity / co-creation / manifestation / of your goals/desires and practice being in a thoughtless, peaceful, relaxed state **************************** [This also a good program for helping people with stress / anger / frustration / depression / anxiety issues].************ Typical Experiences from this are: "After only a single session of this guided meditation, the affects were immediate and extremely obvious for me. The serenity I felt lasted throughout the day, and for several days afterwards. I noticed differences in my thought patterns as I was thinking more clearly and positively, and even my interactions with other people were more positive." JL Arizona
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