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Basic knowledge on this planet identifies THE GOD SOURCE as the supreme creator and that we are all created from Source. Higher information identifies THE SOURCE as oneness of everything that exists (all the universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and all beings on all these systems). SOURCE is the life force energy that sustains all that exists. Just like we have billions of cells in our body, we are like the cells in the body of SOURCE. Everything in creation has intelligence. SOURCE overlooks its creations. All beings in the system have been given the power to co-create to the capacity of their powers and intelligence. There are no limits.

Our solar system is a tiny spec in our galaxy. There are millions of solar systems just in our galaxy. There are millions of galaxies. Each system is administered by a governing body. There are governing bodies at the Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary levels. Similar to how we have governing bodies for each country on this planet.

The system we are in is a 15 dimension time matrix system. Earth is in dimension 1-2-3. Our Sun is in dimension 4-5-6. Other planets and their Sun(s) in the system are in the higher dimensions 7-15. Like radio waves broadcast, everything is in the same time and space. Each planetary system and beings on that system vibrate at a certain frequency. The level of the frequency determines the dimension layer. Earth's density (lower dimensions with dense vibrations) is due to the dense thought forms (thoughts and feelings) of the mass beings on its planet.

Countries on this planet got created. At one stage there were no countries. Earth is millions of years old, and has experienced many changes over the different cycles. Similarly systems with galaxies and universes are created, changed and even destroyed. WHO creates, changes and destroys these systems? The earthly basic teachings (through mass religion) uses the word GOD (an earthly term) as the creator and destroyer of all. This whole cosmic system is billions of years old. There are many groups of beings at extremely high levels of consciousness with extremely high levels of intelligence that have the ability to create planetary and solar systems as well as beings to reside in these systems. Our system is said to be the creation of Alpha and Omega. We are part of their 49 planet and 7 suns creation. Each system has a governing body that operates and manages their system. Our solar system with its 7 planets is managed by several groups. Each system falls into a dimensional zone. The groups managing our system have their own agendas just like countries run under a dictatorship. Your vibration, frequency level, thought forms and beliefs can put you under the control of a specific group. The group layers can be categorized as dark (dimension 1-6), grey (dimension 1-8), light (dimension 5-11.5), higher light (dimension 5-15).

Earth is a school lab. Many species from other systems are at the Earth school. All beings have to wear the human uniform to be on this planet and experience the many aspects of love. The density of Earth is the result of dense thought forms that has created its fear based foundation. The dark and grey groups enforce the fear based foundation mainly through control of media. Getting emotionally caught up with fear based issues and all the negative news and broadcasts keeps one's vibration level dense which lowers the frequency level by creating energy blocks in a person's multi-layered body. Earthly beliefs restrict one's inner growth and allows these groups to suppress beings from raising their frequency. The universal truth has purposely been hidden. All teachings of the universal truth was removed from all religions. Worship of higher beings was implemented through religion, creating a very subtle and intelligent way to further suppress beings from raising their frequency by energetically taking their inner power.

Upon entering the Earth Matrix, beings are caught in its density with extremely heavy veils. Knowledge of who we are, why we came here and the way back to where we came from is blocked by these veils. Many have been caught in this matrix for thousands of years (over many lifetimes) as all higher information is blocked by the dense veils. The Earth Matrix has a supposive rule of FREE WILL and CHOICE (which is limited). Which means that no higher power can energetically control anyone to do anything without their own free will and choice. Worship through religion makes beings openly give their hearts (and full permission) to these higher powers under the G-O-D name. Since we are all part of THE SOURCE technically everyone can call themselves GOD. It is good to know that any higher being (from dark, grey, light or higher light group....listen to more on this from the free download below) can answer to the generic term GOD. Be specific and call upon a name or group to connect to the energy of a specific higher power.

With so many agendas going on in this do we know what the truth is?

Our system's Spiritual Truth Revealed

How do we align ourselves to the absolute truth through SOURCE? The teachings offered through the Keylontic Science courses takes one beyond 12 Dimension frequencies into the higher realms. All teachings below 12D are part of other agendas.....and not in our highest good. The energetics of this matrix has manipulated our connection path to our original divine blueprint.

The many Agendas of this system

The mutations put on the human body system

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