Death and the consequences of burying your body

Burying your body at death holds part your energy quantum in the body. Cremation releases your quantum.

Dying is a transition process. Angelic humans in higher systems transition their body through vaporizing. This is not possible to do by most beings on this planet.

Every time a body is buried, instead of transfiguring, the body cells get stuck in the planetary grids. When a body dies part of the energy quantum is still left in the body. Buried bodies hold this quantum in the dirt.  Beings that have lost that quantum from their energy are tethered to that space and time. They have to reincarnate (take birth again in that time cycle) to pick up their quantum. If they get buried again, they progressively lose their quantum and will keep going through the reincarnation process until their quantum is picked up.

This whole place is infested with body cells of people who did not get out and just kept getting reincarnation cycles because they were tethered to their buried quantum and could not fully get out.

There are millions of beings in this system that are considered lost souls as their quantum is still trapped in this system. Buryed people are stuck, that is why there are many angelic host missions working diligently to free these beings. These host missions have to clear and replace the missing quantum to help these beings move on to their next level of evolution.

The best way to leave is to to vaporize the body. Most are not able to do this. The alternate way is to cremate your body. Cremation frees the parent donated parts and frees your tether, so you are not stuck to the same space and time environment anymore.

You are able to bring the rest of your consciousness up and out of this system without going through the reincarnation cycle...this is known as the Bardo process.

Bardo Rites is for people who are wanting to go beyond the process of transfiguring, and are full in going out with the body in bardo. There is a training that is provided by opening in the mental body to allow you to bardo naturally so you donít have to leave your body to go where people would go if they did drop their body. This is attaining the I AM GOD SELF level which means your local God Self space.  The space you shift your consciousness into.

Level 6 of the Soul Awakening program opens up the training to attaining  this process.

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