Clear your Energies & Karmic Imprints

 Discover The Universal Truth

What is GENESIS2012? 

Its an Awakening Call to realize the new beginning with Earth changes that happen every 26,556 years.

An Awakening to what? To reality. The Universal Truth. The beings on this planet have been blocked from receiving/knowing the real truth. Earth is to be reopened to the universe from its current quarantined position. [Lifting of the veils (at planetary and individual levels].

What is the Reality or Universal Truth? Truth is provided to us at different levels. We typically only receive what we are able to process based on our ability to accept and comprehend. Its like peeling an onion. There are many layers.

The first layer is the belief system that is already on this planet (amongst all religions). This is the belief system you inherit from your family ancestry when you are born. Its time to question the truth of this belief system (if you have not already done so).

Who are we? Where did we come from? What species are we? Why did we come to this planet in this time line? Have we been here before? What is our source? Who is the creator of this system? What is this system? How does it function?

These questions have been asked by many for thousands of years. Until now the answers were not available at the Universal level. Up to now the general belief is that GOD is the direct creator of all. This is true at the ultimate level as source is the creator of everything that exists.

What is the reality? Look at creation as we know it. The billions of universes, galaxies, planets and beings. How do all of these function? What is the intelligence factor that drives this whole system?

Below is a higher level of universal truth provided in simple form to those that are ready to accept and comprehend it.

Every planetary system has a governing body. Just like every country has a governing body. There is also a universal governing body and a cosmic governing body.

We are in a 15 dimension time matrix system. This time matrix is made up of our solar system and many other solar systems. Each system exists in a dimension zone. Our Earth has been in the dimension 1-3 zone. Our sun and other planets in our solar system are in dimension 4-6 zone. There are other higher systems in the 7-9 and 9-12 dimension zones.

Just like there are trillions of cells in a human body there are trillions of planets in this system created by the Supreme GOD Source. The macrocosm (planetary universal system) works the same as the microcosm (the body layers system in each person). 

SOURCE has created a system within itself that allows everything within itself to flow the same way all the cells inside the human system flow. Source observes and monitors everything within itself and lets its creation manifest. Its divine intelligence has a system of seeding each cosmic and universal time matrix.

A governing body overlooks each 15 dimension time matrix. Through source energies the governing body manifests the planets and all the beings for the time matrix. These are the GODseed (Elohim beings). They reside in the higher dimension 13-15, and overlook the well being of the time matrix system.

Our individual creator GOD seed also resides in Dimension 13-15. It is known as our Godseed Monad. Our Godseed Monad is huge. From its source energies it creates 12 oversouls (also known as oversoul monads). The oversouls reside in dimension 7-9. Each oversoul creates 12 souls. These souls reside in dimension 4-6. The souls create 12 incarnates. The incarnates reside in dimensions 1-3.

There are 1728 beings (12oversouls x 12souls x 12incarnates)  energized and created from each Godseed Monad. The energies of each Oversoul is its group of 144 beings and the energies each soul is its group of 12. 

Where do we fit in all this? We are the incarnate. There are usually 2 incarnates sent to each time cycle one male and one female. These are our soul mates. The other 10 soul mates are in different time cycles.

We are not all human. Our monads belong to different species. For all incarnates to experience life on dimension 1-3 (Earth) the human body uniform has to be worn, so all beings have a similar body structure. One of the conditions in this dimension is free will and choice.

Before we entered this dimension we had full knowledge of our soul, oversoul and Godseed Monad layers. And knew why we chose to experience this dimension. Upon entering this dimension field (the matrix of this system) our memories are blanked out. We come into this matrix with no idea of who we are or the existence of our soul. The free will system does not allow outside assistance without our permission. We are not able to connect to our soul layer for assistance as we are not made aware of its existence.

The ancestral belief systems created on this planet worship an outside God Source when we are actually residing inside the God Source. Just like our cells inside us, we are like a cell inside God's body. The part of our cell that is at its divine level and purest with the highest connection to the GOD Source energy is our Godseed Monad. The only way for us to directly connect to the GOD source is through our Godseed Monad. The God Souce does not want to be worshipped. We are its children. Source wants us to connect and be ONE with it. The ONENESS connection is only possible by going within our heart and through all our higher layers. Outside worship through the planetary/universal Gods and masters cannot establish this ONENESS connection for us.

The journey starts by expanding our beliefs and developing our Self by practicing the following:

  • Know that this life is temporary and has a purpose. Discover the true purpose. What is it that we came here to accomplish.

  • Learn about karmic imprints, negative energy blockages, the real cause of dis-ease and the destructive power of negative feelings and thoughts towards our self and others (especially during anger).

  • Know that when we ACCEPT WHAT IS in every moment WE REMAIN WITH PEACE OF MIND as everything that happens to make us upset or angry is already in the past and cannot be changed.

  • Daily, Love our Whole Self and Source

  • Daily, Show gratitude for everything we have

  • Express love to all under all conditions

  • Know our Whole Self with all our layers

  • Recognize our ONENESS with Source

Discover the Real Truth by being open minded with discernment from the heart about what is real and what is not. There is a lot going on this planet that is not for our highest good. Most of what is being taught and practiced is not from the Godseed levels. Be most careful about receiving energies from others (healers) especially if they are not opened to the higher dimensions. The safest energy zone is from the 12th dimension and above. Most energy healers on the planet transmit Dimension 1 -4 energies. Be cautious with these energies as they can alter the  progress to the higher layers. Psychic energy is mostly 4th dimensional (astral). Many entities reside in the astral realm. It is best to stay away from the astral realm. Shifting your frequencies to 5th dimension and higher (through intention and practice of Soul Awakening techniques) will shield you from the lower entities and keep you away from the astral debris.

Prior to now this information was not available in the 1-3 dimension zone. There are billions of incarnates trapped in this zone. They all came into this zone over thousands of years and have been trapped in this system. The knowledge of our soul, monad and God seed layers is the key to discovering our journey back home.

What is home?

There are many levels of home.

Level 1 - Soul layer merge (Dimensions 4-6)

Level 2 - Oversoul layer merge (Dimensions 7-9)

Level 3 - Avatar layer merge (Dimensions 10-12)

Level 4 - God seed Monad (Rishi) layer merge [I AM]

                          (Dimensions 13-15)

All dimensions are at at different density frequencies.

We are currently at dimension 1-3 (density) frequencies. Our physical, emotional and mental layers make up the the 3 dimensional layers. The more the beings on this system become contaminated and corrupt their energetics, the more dense the individual and planetary system becomes. Over time Earth became extremely dense and dropped to 3rd dimension density. There was a time when Earth was at 5th Dimension density. At that time the incarnate beings were at the soul layer with full knowledge of their memories and were able to co-create their desires instantly through thought concentration using the universal laws of attraction, gratitude, joy and love.


Every 26,556 year cycle the planetary systems get adjusted. December 21, 2012 is the end of the current cycle.  Earth's frequencies started shifting 25 years ago and is expected to be fully in 5th dimension density by 2012.

This may be a good explanation why there are currently so many people (6.5 billion) on the planet.  A hundred years ago earth's population was around 1.5 billion. Two thousand years ago it was around 500 million. It took 2000 years to go from 500million to 1.5billion. And 100 years to go from 1.5bilion to 6.5billion. Technology in only 100 years has gone from horseback transportation to spaceships, satellite communication and home computers with internet.


 Nicotine, Alcohol, Drug addictions Rip and Weaken your Auric Fields New Biocare Stimulation Laser therapy clears additions permanently view


Why its important to NOT BURY your body after death

Especially now that we know what the ILLUMINATI Master plan is for this planet (and galactic system). It is time to work on collecting all parts of your soul energies (from all timelines) and work with the Guardian Alliance to raise your frequencies and receive all the activations to leave this system for good.


Where are these beings coming from? Why are they coming to Earth in this time frame? What is bringing on this information age and higher human intelligence? Is there a connection between Earth and other planetary systems in our 15 Dimension time matrix system? Our oversoul monad has access to all systems in this time matrix. Does that mean we can connect with our Soul groups in other planetary systems?

Maybe 2012 and Earth shifting to 5th dimension density has something to do with this vast increase in population. With Earth shifting, all beings (now for the first time in 26,556 years) have access to processes that can help shift their frequencies by clearing their contaminated energetics and blocked channels. The Tsunamis and disruptive patterns on Earth also relates to Earth frequencies shifting (clearing its blocks created by the negative energies from the people on it). Discovering the higher truth about this matrix shows how peoples body-mind-emotion system has been blocked to keep the them in density.

The beings on this planet are now able raise their frequencies and connect to the 5th dimension soul and higher oversoul layers. This is the true journey of SELF EVOLUTION.

Clearing the contaminated energetics and shifting to the 5th dimension and higher layers is a process similar to our education system. Just like it takes 16 years with a lot of educational training to go from grade 1 to graduating with a college degree, the cleansing process can take many years. Many of us have been stuck in this dimension 1-3 system for thousands of years (in spirit and physical form). We have accumulated a lot of negative blockages and dropped in density.

Earth shifting to 5th dimension density makes our cleansing a lot easier and faster. The higher planetary frequencies allow us to tap into its system and clear our channels.

This is the REAL (PERMANENT) HEALING everyone on this planet needs.

What is considered real healing? What are we healing from?

The energetics in density 1-4 are contaminated. By living in this system our energetics are no longer at the level of its original blueprint level of purity. The fear based foundation of density 1-4 has also made our physical, emotional and mental body systems accumulate immense amount of negativity through our selfish and harmful thoughts, words and actions that have been created from life experiences throughout all timelines. These create energetic blockages in all our subtle layers and manifest karmic imprints. The heavier these blockages and karmic imprints are the more dense our system becomes.

The healing process requires cleansing these energy blockages and karmic imprints from all the lower density 1-3 layers (physical, emotional and mental). We are not able to shift to the higher dimension frequencies until these blockages and karmic imprints are cleared from our system.

There are many healing processes on this planet. Its good be fully aware of where the energetics of the healing processes originate. REI, KI, CHI and PRANA are 1-4 Dimension energies (see diagram below). Be cautious of the lower dimension energies. Healing the physical layer with lower dimension energies can  contaminate/block your higher layers. View REIKI

We are now able to open up to and receive 12 Dimension frequency energies through the High Frequency Techniques and fully heal all layers of our system. The Top-Down healing approach from D12 and higher is safe, and now possible with the planet raising its frequencies.

What is the best method for us to cleanse our negative energetics and open ourselves up to merge with our soul and higher oversoul layers?

A process known as Power Breathwork or Passion of Life Breathwork helps clear blockages from emotional, mental and past layers.

The best known processes that work do take time, and require consistent practice. There is no quick fix from attending healing or meditation workshops. We have immense amounts of blockages and karmic imprints from many timelines.  It starts with our behavior attitudes and responsibilities towards ourselves and all beings. Knowledge of our whole being with all its layers, the universal system, the energetics of both our individual system and the universal system and the importance of increasing our DNA strands helps us understand why we have to heal ourselves. The journey to the higher layers also requires building of the Kundalini and the "Silver Cord" bridges of inter-dimensional frequency that connects to the Soul Matrix. Further Kundalini development opens up the Antahkarana to the Oversoul. Development of the Antahkarana opens up the Rainbow bridge to the Avatar and Rishi (I AM) layers .  The powerful healing transmutation violet rays originate from this layer.

Basic and advance chakra activation processes with release of chakra seals  and kundalini seals opens the kundalini channel in the physical layer. 

These High Frequency Teachings originate from Ancient processes (long before Atlantis, and Egyptian times) that could not be brought on Earth until its Frequency was high enough. The new higher Earth frequencies now allow for these processes to open our channels to the Higher Soul and Oversoul layers. The processes are from Advance Universal Physics and not based on any religious belief systems.

Most beings on this planet are at Dimension 1-3 layer. The goal is to shift your frequencies to at least dimension 7-9 layer within the next 10 years (2010 to 2020). Planet Earth's current evolution to higher 5th dimension frequency makes it easier (through the high frequency processes) for beings on this planet to clear the dimension pathways (D1-D5 that have been blocked in the planetary grids) and open up to the higher dimension layers. An opportunity that most beings here have waited for a long, long time

This is the opportunity many came to take advantage of on Earth during this lifetime. Open our heart to feel and know this, and allow your SELF to follow your heart's feelings. Once you raise our frequencies, the higher frequencies stay with you (even after letting go of your body). Your consciousness level is raised.


As Earth Frequencies get raised the veils get thinner.

Since there are many species of beings on this planet in the human uniform, you may soon be able to identify yourself as to who you are (angelic human or a species from another planetary system).

The lifting of the veils from 2012 is exposing higher realities of what is truly going on this planet to more people. The TRUTH according to GUARDIAN ALLIANCE TEACHINGS. These teachings require an open mindset and questioning to your own higher self to authenticate this information (extremely important intricacies kept hidden / unknown to beings on this planet). Just know that your were brought to this site by your higher aspect to obtain access to this powerful information.



To understand the manipulations of this system and your body-mind-soul system download and listen to the information provided in the Earth GODs section.

Information on EARTH GODs ?

Do you really want to be stuck in a manipulative system that is heading for self destruction within the next 200 years? Raise your frequencies and follow the teaching path offered above to open your self up to Bardo out into the higher planetary systems. The alternative choice is to reincarnate back into this system.

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