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Kriya Yoga Chakra Breathwork and Chakra Petals Sounds Activation CD

Deeper Chakra activation through chakra breathwork, Bija sounds for each chakra/petal (4 petals root chakra, 8 petals sacral chakra, 10 petals solar plexus chakra, 12 petals heart chakra, 16 petals throat chakra, 2 petals 3rd eye chakra) and Chakra breathwork. Guided by Ishnah (same as download - This CD is mailed to you). This is included with the Spiritual Awakening program materials.
Price: $25.00 


FM High Frequency Healing music CD

The high frequency sound vibrations from the music on this CD is soothing, calming and healing.
Price: $15.00 


Class Purchase

Soul Awakening Class Manual and CDs Chakra Crystal Bowl sounds and Amoraea
Price: $98.00 




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