Passion Of Life Divine Light Power Breathwork Testimonials:

Wow, Holy Mother of God!!! What an incredible experience. I felt eternal bliss in my body. I connected with my sacred heart, felt awe, grace and love of GOD and my own life force. Felt one with my divine source and so much love for God.  I also had a huge amount of physical release and a lot more that is hard to write down in a language. MC Santa Fe NM

I was blessed with a healing and openness from Mother Mary. I was surrounded in purple flame. I received a message from Jesus, Buddha and St Germain informing me that my life purpose path is that of a healer and teacher. MM Santa Fe NM

I felt a deep love infusion and a connection to all things. RL Santa Fe NM

I felt angelic beings working on my body. I felt energy energy flowing throughout my body connecting all my chakras and going beyond the body. MP Santa Fe NM

The breath class helped me release my blockages and opened me up to receive my purpose with clarity. I was able to release my fears and be in a state of love and joy. SB Austin TX

I had fear, anxiety and stress issues before this class. After the breath session I felt an opening of my heart, release of anxiety, fear and stress. I felt the sense of completely letting go. BH Fort Worth TX

I felt immense amount of energy flowing through me and kept hearing the word freedom over and over. KC Wimberley TX

I felt incredible love, beauty and warmth at a place where I wanted to be and stay. CC Texas

I felt the hand of God on me. My third eye opened. I saw future incidents for members of my family and me. HET Spicewood TX

I was able to release my fear issues. By end of the breathwork session I felt very light, relaxed and peaceful. TG Austin TX

I felt an incredible flow of energy through me with a feeling of being totally free. A powerful and wonderful experience. LD Austin TX

I received a message saying all is forgiven. I felt acceptance, love and wellbeing. AA Fort Worth TX

I never experienced anything as profound. It was incredibly intense and out of this world. Lights, sound, thoughts were being transported from one state of consciousness to another...its to difficult to explain in words. AP Austin TX

I had a realization with a vision of Jesus and felt my heart opening with expression of more love. LR Austin TX

I received a special gift in my 3rd breath session. I also released sadness within me and received deep love from my mother. YH  Wimberley TX

What an incredible feeling of Joy and peace.  I have been looking/waiting for this feeling for a long time. DM Austin TX

I felt so many sensations throughout my body. At one point I felt peace and joy. I saw flashes of violet and saw myself traveling with the stars and reaching a moon or planet. What a wonderful and divine experience. I did not want to come back. I have never felt this level of experiences in all my years of meditation. I want more of this. DG San Antonio TX

I released some deep emotional issues. Felt a deep state of relaxation. Received clarity. I felt like I traveled through an emotional tunnel, releasing past issues and experienced a deep level of joy. LM San Antonio TX

I was shown that the universe loves me. I was looking for love from companionship. I was shown that it is within me and all around me. I also sensed my spirit guide standing beside me. This is a great class. KC Dallas TX

I experienced my true essence. A feeling of being completely free from everything. MS San Antonio TX

Wow, what a powerful session. I experienced detoxification throughout my body. I had an out of body experience. I saw, felt, and communicated with my guides. I saw immense light and felt myself merging with my higher self. AS Dallas TX

I felt a release and was able to surrender. I was taken to a temple, I met my guides, I saw very bright purple lights and felt a deep loving feeling. I did not want to come back. I Felt abundance of love and joy. LL Dallas TX

This breathwork experience was life changing. I went extremely deep and connected to the master I was longing to meet. He came to me and told me his spirit name (This is the spirit name for Jesus) and showered immense love. CT Austin TX

I experienced intense vibration throughout my body. I left my body for a while. I saw Buddha in white light come towards me then in me. After that I saw the Star of David. CB Texas


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