What is the V3O "Charge" mechanism









It is a totally safe and natural energy field which observes nature's logical and powerful rhythms as found in the Harmonic Spherical Table of the Chemical Elements, developed by a San Diego based inventor and researcher. This original discovery (Quantum Disk) found that through the development of the Table that compounds and elements duplicate and magnify the element of oxygen. Tests conducted at Virginia Tech University, found that liquids "charged" had a 140% increase in the chemical element of oxygen.


Taste tests have indicated all liquids "charged" have tasted better. Water tasted pure  

A V3O"Charged" item refines by realigning its chaotic molecular structure to a coherent structure

Operating the V3O"Charged" products is very simple.  All one has to do  is place the container with the liquid on or adjacent to  the "Charged" product for 10 to 30 seconds.


Holding the V3O"Charged plate or laser pointer to any part of the body (with pain) can relieve the pain in a very short time (in some cases within a few minutes)



Products Ready with V3O"Charge" for immediate use

Credit Card Size metal plate

Place the  plate under what ever you would like "charged".

Holding the plate on pain areas, has relieved the pain.

The sticker on the plate is also charged. This can be stuck on a water bottle to charge the water.                                 

Price $75.00


High Quality Bright 5mW Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer can "charge" water or food products. These can also be held to relieve the pain.

The laser beam also carries the charge. Pointing the beam on pain areas, also relieves the pain. Water or any liquid or food can also "charged" by pointing the laser beam for 30-60 seconds. Severe pain areas may require longer time.

 $Call (Green Beam)


All items are fully guaranteed for one year - 100% refund (less shipping costs) on returns within 15 days


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