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What is Tachyon?

Tachyon is higher level pure energy from zero point that vibrates  beyond the speed of light.  New technology now induces this energy on specific items.  Tourmaline and copper are known to capture the highest level of tachyon energy.

The Tachyon Star Tetrahedron (Star of David) with the tachyonized tourmaline bead pendant provides both the higher vibrational energy (from the precise sacred geometry design of the Star Tetrahedron) and the tachyon protective shield.  This is highly recommended for everyone to keep their auric field clear from negative energies and to maintain a higher vibrational state (especially for those that work with/connect with other peoples energy on a daily basis - massage therapists, doctors, Reiki practitioners, nurses, chiropractors).

Wearing or having tachyon on yourself clears and shields your auric field from negative energies.  At a higher level as you raise your level of vibrations, tachyon works with your subtle bodies and creates a grid of energy that attunes you to the 5th dimensional and above frequency. It works harmoniously with the energies of the causal plane and helps with the mental plane (it helps clear issues on your path).

The information in the third  paragraph came through Archangel Michael

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