Spiritual Awakening Level 3

Melchizedek Method Levels 3 & 4

The level 3 Unity Merkabah Activation  is a natural progression from the Level Two Orbital Merkabah

Work with the higher 33 chakras, and the 33rd degree of the Adam Kadmon light body. Experience many new meditation techniques. Enter the secret chambers and passageways of Kamadon.

Each day will build your frequency level of light and love until the last day of completion wherein you will experience a three hour initiation into the Kamadon Mastery of Unconditional Love, and enter through meditation into the highest vibration of the Kamadon Temple of Love.

We will stand side by side with the Melchizedek Elders as their ancient divine encodings are imparted to us. As their encodings enter your cell structure they will awaken the divine higher intention of your creation. You will be recognized as a Kamadon Master of the highest order of Melchizedek. This will be a profound experience for many of you.

Holographic healing will once again be a vital part of this 3 day intensive, amplifying the Level Two techniques and introducing the concept of multiples of 33 holograms connected to the 33 chakras rotating at greater speed within the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to bring about an even more accelerated healing process.

- Open up to the Divine bodies of Light
- The 33rd degree Adam Kadmon Light Body
- Open up to and activate the 33rd degree Adam Kadmon Chakra system
- Open up to the Sri Yantra light body layer through the time space continuum
- Open up to the Adam Kadmon 33rd degree Powerball of Love into the Unity Merkabah
- Manifest the Powerball hologram with the Christ Consciousness Grid
- Fully activate the Unity Merkabah of Love
- Connect to the Kamadon Temple of Love in the higher dimension
- Meet with Melchizedek Elders
- Open up to the GOD source
- Connect to higher learning processes in the Pleiades
- Activate a light intelligence antenna/connection with Metatron
- Activate the Unity Abundance process
- Work with the Kamadon Solar earthlink
- Experience the Kamadon Healing processes
- Experience the group healing with the Powerball of love
- Receive an initiation

Melchizedek Method Level Four  techniques  activates your light body to a higher octave. You travel through the single eye of God in an assimilated ascension and enter the higher realms with all the required encodings and light/love balance that is necessary to take full opportunity of the options that will be offered to you by God as the light worlds manifest before you.

You will be introduced to the Universal Omni-Merkabah of Love of multiple light bodies. Your MerKaBah must now take on the light intelligences of omni-potential so that your brain can expand through your pineal frequency band. The pineal expansion is now of great importance to ensure that you draw to your consciousness the higher divine thought forms necessary for you to understand higher Mind. Itís now time to create a new reality by manifesting the superconsciousness of the divine Overself.

An angle of 32į entry through Godís Eye is introduced to escape gravity and time. Leaving behind gravity and time immediately has an effect on your cell memory. You activate the eternal life seed within yourself and this in turn immediately sends a light frequency message to the pineal to begin expanding. Once again this process is irreversible, in fact the acceleration of mind expansion is very rapid as there is no restrictive energy and thoughts to slow it down. You will be introduced to the concept of fractal wave pattern expansion of the pineal gland.

Multiple bodies of light is your destiny, and your mind must expand to accommodate this new creative concept. With your singular physical mind there are limitations of perception; with your expanded omni-mind you develop unlimited perception and creative potential.

As you complete your perfect journey through Godís Eye you will be met by the Elohim lords of light and Metatron working together to activate your omni-bodies of light.

These multiple light bodies can only be activated with your complete individual encodings drawn from the eternal eye by the Elohim and Metatron. Once this omni-activation is complete you are then called before the Cosmic Council to announce your intention of service. Before this takes place, however, you will be informed of your options.

- Expand the super powerball of Love
- Expand the Sri Yantra enclosed in the hologram of love
- Build crystal antennas to Archturus, Pleiades, Orion
- 32 degree activation of the orbital Merkabah
- Activate the 33 Shiva rings through the Orbital Merkabah
- Akashic Patterning Release through the Orbital Merkabah
- Pineal Gland Expansion
- Open up and activate the Universal Omni Merkabah
- Experience the Kamadon Omni Healing process


 Learn about the ascended masters. Experience Channeling sessions with Ascended masters, receive higher activations and initiations with journeys to the higher realms of the Universe guided by the Ascended Masters.

 The Ascended Masters Thoth, Metatron, Melchizedek, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, Lady Athena and White Buffalo Calf Woman will  be your constant companions during this Level Three presentation

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