WHAT is a Reiki attunement ?

Attunements,  sometimes also called energy  initiations are transmissions of energy  to a person that  makes a transformation to parts of  their aura (energy body) which opens, clears and  connects the recipient to the ability to use the specific functions  which are being attuned. These energy transmissions can  help a person connect  specific energy functions or meditations.  Attunements  can be done for almost anything because everything is energy. Some attunements have more effect and value than others. Attunements can give  people the ability  to open to use energies and other functions  which  would take years even decades to develop  the ability to use without attunement .

Attunements are transmitted by people who know how to do them for the specific system or function . This ability to do attunements  is also often received by attunement . Though until recently most  attunements were done in a spiritual context  and the attuner was likely to be a senior in some religion or spiritual practice, being able to do attunements is not an indicator of any particular virtue or spiritual depth or wisdom. It is to the benefit of the atunee to receive an attunement from an attuner that has attained higher vibrational density levels.

The more the healer receives higher vibrational attunements and handles more and higher energies, the more his/her own personal clearing and healing will be stimulated and the more his/her personal vibration will be raised in the process. 

Some attunements involve a ceremony or ritual. The ones I do are direct transmissions where I connect  into the source of the attuning energies  with the recipient  and ground the connection while the attunement occurs .  

Attunements can be done remotely and in person.  If you are interested in receiving an attunement please contact Ishnah.

Most attunements are provided remotely over the phone. The attunement energies are just as powerful over the phone.

Please contact me for any additional information.

Love, Light and Blessings

Ray (Ishnah)



All attunements require an energy exchange (see below)

To receive Kristic Reiki you Must be a REIKI MASTER

Bands Description


Vibration of Reiki Ray Energies


Highest Vibration from Attunement


Minimum Required Donation for Attunements
  Usui Reiki Level I   4 $72
  Usui Reiki Level II   4 $72
Band 1 Usui/Tibetan Based Traditional Reiki Master 5.0 5.8 $72
Band 2

Kristic Boost

 (if you do not have Karuna Reiki)

5.0 6.7 $50
Band 3 Kristic Reiki I & II 5.0 7.9 $195
Band 4 Kristic Reiki III 5.0 9.4 $95
Band 5 Kristic Reiki IV 5.0 11 $95
Band 6 Kristic Reiki V & VI 5.0 12 $95

A 30 Day period is recommended between Reiki Attunements

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