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Energy Healing is a process of transmitting energy from the Universal Source (through direct intention or use of symbols as focusing tools) to the person requiring it. The use of symbols is just a method of power focusing. Many healing practitioners have not raised their individual levels of frequency or inner light capacity and hence are not able to direct the highest level of Source energy. Use of symbols in Reiki or other similar modalities help the practitioner focus (on their intention) for the energy to be transmitted. One cannot be a conduit for the the higher 12th Dimension love and light energy if their individual density is 3rd or 4th level density. (view Densities & Dimensions). The higher frequency energy carries much higher capacity light electrons. Practitioners with the higher frequency capacity are able to source the higher  dimensional energy and filter it through their system onto the person requiring the healing at a deeper level.

It is to the benefit of all energy practitioners (wanting to provide the highest level of healing) to focus their intentions on opening their heart with compassionate love and raise their own frequency level to the higher densities. Transmitting this higher frequency love and light energy onto this planet and to all the beings on the planet on a daily basis is a wonderful and fulfilling service. The more you serve the planet and the beings on this planet the more you heal and raise your level.

 What is Reiki Healing ?

Reiki is love healing energy; love is wholeness; wholeness is balance; balance is well-being, and freedom from

dis-ease. View the Reiki Story.

What is the TRUE required Healing?

We all need to heal ourselves before we can help heal others. Healing is not just clearing the physical, emotional and mental layers. True healing is for us to clear all layers (from Dimension 1 to Dimension 12) in our system. Our original blueprint is from our Godseed Monad at Dimension 12-15. We came here into this contaminated time matrix system and got contaminated. Our frequency dropped to the 3rd dimension layer. The matrix of this system has us trapped through its fear based programs and life structure that makes us create negative thought processes through which energy blocks manifest and make our system more dense. The free will system allows us to open up to the energies we choose. Up to now we were not made aware of our true origins (soul, oversoul, Godseed monad layers - this information was kept hidden by the system). With knowledge of our true Self and through processes of opening up to the higher layers we can now connect to the higher layers. This is the true healing. The process of clearing ourselves and opening to all our higher layers. This is the journey home.

Most healers and lightworkers volunteered to come here on the planet at this time frame to help the planet and the beings here shift to higher frequency levels (so they can open up to their origin). We can only truly help others when we are fully healed with the ability to channel the highest frequency primal light and sound rays. Most healers on this planet channel 1-4 dimensional energies and have not opened their channels to the higher frequencies.

Caution Note: The lower 1-4 density energies are full of entities and contaminated energies. When healers open up to channel healing energies (most don't know what energies are coming in) they open themselves and their clients to receive these energies. Since energies can only come in through free will allowance, many are allowing themselves to receive these contaminated energies without knowing what they are getting. PLEASE SHIELD YOURSELF AND YOUR CLIENTS FIRST WITH 12 DIMENSION PILLAR OF LIGHT. The 12 Dimension pillar of light is the most powerful pillar you can build (this is taught and activated for you in the Soul Awakening classes and self study program). Also calling on ascended masters and GOD is not always the best thing. GOD is also defined as everyone. Since we are all part of GOD we can also call ourselves GOD. When you call on GOD (Note: GOD is an Earth based term) any being (or entity) can answer to the GOD ascended master call. It is safest to call on Masters of Light from the 12 Dimension Realm. If you call on Jesus, many beings from the lower levels also call themselves Jesus. To call on the Cosmic Christ Jesus please call on Jeshua12 the cosmic Christ of the Krist Consciousness which is in the 12 Dimension and higher Realm. Shiva and RA-M'aa also respond from the 12D Krist Consciousness and higher Realm.


 Advanced 12 Dimension Kristic Reiki

Most Reiki/Chi/Parana energies are from Dimension 1-3 consciousness plane. The individual practitioner's density level sources the healing energy from the same density level. Third density practitioners cannot transmit the 12th Dimension energy. They can only transmit the energy level their system can handle (their individual electron capacity cannot receive the higher level electrons). It is like a 100 watt bulb wanting to transmit 1000 watt power. By raising wattage the higher power can be received.

Healing practitioners can, by clearing their own individual blockages. raising their vibrations and activating their light bodies (through the spiritual/soul awakening level one program offered by this organization) raise their density from third-fouth-fifth. Receiving higher level Kristic Reiki attunements alone does not get you there. Shifting your density requires a tremendous adjustment in the way your life is perceived and lived. Most important aspect of the change is an inner heart opening (activation of your Three Fold Flame), which brings on deep levels of compassion for all beings.

Raising one's frequency level allows for higher level attunements that allows the person to expand their own capacity to receive the higher electron love and light energies from the higher dimensions. The scale below gives an indication of the energy vibration levels that can be transmitted by practitioners through the higher Kristic Reiki attunements and personal inner advancement.


Reiki Bands Description


Vibration of Reiki Ray Energies


Highest Vibration from Attunement


Band 1 Usui/Tibetan Based Traditional Reiki 5.0 5.8
Band 2 Kristic Boost or Karuna Reiki 5.0 6.7
Band 3 Kristic Reiki I & II 5.0 7.9
Band 4 Kristic Reiki III 5.0 9.4
Band 5 Kristic Reiki IV 5.0 11
Band 6 Kristic Reiki V & VI 5.0 12

Upon reaching the 12 D frequency density level, the practitioner can source energy from the

Ascended Masters level - 12-14 Dimension Kristic consciousness plane.

Ishnah is a Level VI Kristic Reiki Master and provides Usui and Kristic Reiki attunements

Reiki Attunement

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