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The Passion Of Life Breathwork Teacher Training Program requires completion of the Spiritual Awakening Level 1 or similar Workshop and at least 3 breathwork sessions. . Unlike other programs the emphasis as teachers for this program is to first raise your level of vibrations before you can help others do the same. The Spiritual Awakening Level 1 class helps you do this. You have to also continue the practice of the cleansing meditations on a regular basis and keep your personal spiritual growth progress continuous. Taking the higher level Spiritual Awakening programs is recommended but not necessary to be a POLB Teacher. The focus of the teacher is to coach and guide the participants to clear their blockages, expand their heart and increase their inner light. It is recommended to be a Reiki master with Lightarian Reiki attunements as this way teachers can transmit the higher vibrational energies to all class participants.

The POLB Teacher training program is 3 full Days usually from 8:30am - 6pm. The training provides information on various aspects/analysis of breathflow, the benefits of Breathwork and full body mapping for identification of blockages at the physical level. The participants pair up with a partner and practice facilitation on their partner. Everyone gets to breathe and facilitate. The emphasis is on practice. A public breath session is held on the fourth

day for trainees to practice (under supervision). After completion of the 4 day training the trainees have the option of attending public sessions taught by Ishnah or other certified teachers as facilitators for the purpose of gaining more experience.

The Teachers become part of the POLB team and as Ishnah expands and promotes the programs all over the country, all enquiries for your area will be provided to you. Your contact information and class schedules will be set up on this website.

To channel and transmit the higher dimensional pure love/light energies during the breathwork sessions (like Ishnah does during his sessions) it is recommended to become a Reiki Practitioner (view Reiki). The higher levels of the Spiritual Awakening classes (level 2-4) open you up to the higher dimensions.

The best teachers are the ones that are continuously progressing towards the higher levels and guide others to get there through their experiences and higher wisdom.





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