Merkaba taught through the Spiritual and Soul Awakening Programs








Merkaba -  Mer, means light, Ka, spirit and Ba, body or reality. The activation of your Light Body will assist you to experience aspects of the higher levels of Krist Consciousness and  the Melchizedek Godseed Consciousness which are currently being experienced on this Earth plane. The Light Body activation is created through using the sacred geometry of star tetrahedrons (six pointed star) and other sacred geometric symbols.

 [The level one 14 breath star tetrahedron Merkaba spherical breath exercise meditation is taught in the Spiritual Awakening Program (CD or download)]. This is a pre-requisite for the higher ascension light body merkaba techniques taught in the soul awakening programs.

CAUTION ADVISE: Not all Merkaba programs and sacred geometry provide true ascension and higher light body activations. The most popular merkaba and sacred geometry classes (flower of life programs and the Melchizedek method programs) are being publicized to be metatronic (teaches reverse sacred geometry and merkaba mechanics)


Lord Melchizedek is an ancient cosmic being in charge of the Godseed order of Melchizedek, This Godseed layer holds the secrets of the higher Universes and is working to establish heaven on Earth. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Elijah, Abraham, were high priests in the Order of Melchizedek. All humans belong at some level to this order.








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