Educating the Soul

by Master Jesus (Lord Sananda)

Channeled by Cathy Acker

 Your Higher Self, as well as the Higher Selves of others, is schooled in the higher dimensions of light. Many are unconscious still upon your planet. They are unaware of the process that goes on for us to begin to work with them.

I am the embodiment of Love and no one should fear me. Your unjust thoughts create your reality as well as your good thoughts. God does not send down punishments. The vibrations that you hold along with your beliefs are what shape your world and your individual life. You believed that you were expected to carry my cross. Have I ever asked this of you? I ask you for your Love. To Love yourselves as I Love you. When you judge a viewpoint or another you draw that to yourselves with your thoughts. How often are you in judgment of yourself or another? Turn that time and energy into thoughts of Love.

What you share with your brothers and sisters is a group consciousness. For those who can separate [from their beliefs of separation] even for a time, experience the revelation that we are not separate that I live in you. We are one mind; never separated as God created us. What I came to know is my Father and I are One. Not all can achieve this union that we share, you have worked with me through many lifetimes to experience this joining.

Each on their way home will come to their Beloved, and come to know He has always dwelt within them.

There are patterns of negative energy that become stuck in your lower vehicles. We work with you to clear these vehicles. They are the invisible vehicles that surround the outer body that you think is who you are.

Begin to visualize the Christ, Buddha, or a Saint before you. Melt into our image if you need to. The more you think of us, the less time you have to engage in negative or emotional thoughts that keep you from your inner peace, and the more distracted you become. The more accustom your consciousness gets used to a negative spiral of thinking, the more it draws you away from me and away from your peace.

Take walks in the evening or early in the morning. It will help you ground to the Earth and clear your mind. Problems are but outer manifestations of the confusion you hold within yourself. The Grace of the Father I wish to speak of. God asked not for your sacrifice. There are those that feel that purification can only come by sacrifice. I have asked you many times to focus on my Resurrection not my Crucifixion.

One in service is no more important to God then one who has strayed.

Bring yourselves as a chalice waiting to be filled with the thoughts of the Almighty. There are Grays in the 4th dimension that are capable of doing mind locks. They bring fear into your minds. They push the buttons. Do not create a space for them to enter.

We communicate with you through light. There is only Love in the universe. Do not create demons for you to battle. Make peace with your mind. Live each day with joy in your hearts and practice the Presence of God. When your mind becomes idle, begin to think about the attributes of God. Call to us and we will help you.

When you fall backwards, I shall catch you. I also go before you to clear your way. You do not fall short in our eyes. When you feel fear enter, say I Rest in God.

The redeemer is who I am for I counsel your Soul. In my hand, I am the justice and balance you asked for. In life, I was your Jesus of Nazareth. Enlightened beings, do not be afraid to uncover the mysteries of your faith which now is being revealed to you.

Our love is complete. It does not judge or control. Your freedoms are so restricted that many feel they have to fight for what they have. Love becomes perverted. It is mixed with limitations and strings and controls. This is not the Fatherís love for his children.

Your lesson and affirmation for today:

Purity resonates God's energy within you. Let Its vibration separate you from the lower consciousness. I live in the mind of the Almighty God. All that comes to me and through me is from a Divine Source. This is how you slay the dragons of the mind.

"I am always open to new ideas and new patterns of growth that uplift me and those around me. My soul shines through, I am no longer afraid to let others see me."

Copyright © 2002 Cathy Acker