Master Jesus (Lord Sananda) speaks of

our Self-Mastery

Channeled by Cathy Acker

I sit next to the Father. First I teach you to Master yourself. Many in the group are still like children. They ask Me for things, objects, and possessions of the material nature. I do not judge the requests. I come into your hearts and minds to complete your Ascension. It is with continued Mercy that I pour out Myself on you to show you the higher path. What you all should be asking for is a closer relationship with God.

Continuing to find fault in others only draws you away from the Oneness you seek with Me. In truth I forgive all who come to Me with open hearts. It is I who lights the fire in the hearts of those who are open to My call.

The Divine Self is the Original Blueprint that one receives at the time of creation. The Original Blueprint is maintained on Sirius. Ask the Great White Brotherhood to see yours. In order to come into alignment with the Divine Self, there are many vehicles that need to be cleared. Memories of past lives need releasing to begin to see oneself. In time, you will uncover the true Self that God created you to be. Given a choice, would you sacrifice yourself to save all of humanity? That is My Blueprint. The highest path that you are asked to walk is not always a path of persecution. As a soul begins to turn inward it begins to question its purpose, and opens the pathways to self-realization.

You need to forgive yourself for the imperfections you have judged yourself as having. Come to know yourself as Soul, Monad, Atma, or the Divine I am Presence. Then you will know the perfection that you are. As you continue to ask for your divine blueprint, the energies around you will settle down. Peace once again will begin to return to your heart.

It is not by sacrifice that one enters into Heaven. It is by what is written in their hearts. Work to accept others as they are, not as you would have them be. Generate joy and kindness. Make each day a purpose of bringing more light into the world. Remove the thought of the little self.

Copyright 2002 Cathy Acker