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The programs taught at the Center for Self Transformation help you heal your Self at all layers (physical, emotional, mental, etherical, causal and soul). The pains you have are created by your own thought forms. The more you dwell on negative thoughts and issues the deeper you inject your pains. The Universal law of Cause and Effect (Karma) states that whatever you send out (know that every thought word, deed and action is energy), comes right back to you.  Every harmful thought, word or action creates dark energy blockages in your own system. These dark energy blockages drop your level of vibration and diminish your love and light energy. Taking medicine, prescribed drugs and  surgery at the physical level only provides temporary relief for the symptom pain and  does not remove the dark energies engrained in your system. The cause of the pain is still in your system and will continue to create disharmony within you. The solution is to clear all negative energies from your system. Clearing these energies empowers you by raising your vibrations, increasing your inner light and developing more love, compassion and joy in your life. Self Healing Processes are required to clear blocks in the subtle (etheric) body.

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Like many diseases cancer is initiated (caused) by ill thought forms (especially guilt feelings) about yourself. Every time you create a thought form that emotionally harms or hurts you by bringing painful thoughts and feelings into your system, you are creating dis-ease in your mental and emotional energetic system. The more you dwell on these hurtful thought forms and feelings the more you energize the dis-ease. Carrying guilt for many years is a typical scenario that builds the dis-ease. 

When you come to understand that every situation, every scenario you go through with other people, your reaction to the scene at play is the key to your growth or downfall. The key lesson for all beings on this planet is to project love for others and themselves under all situations and conditions. When you are able to do this, you will graduate from the hardest lesson on this planet.  Love is the key to all existence.  Love is also the key to heal all dis-ease. With love forgiveness for self and others comes naturally.

With all diseases including cancer the first objective is to understand that the cause is through your own guilt or harmful thoughts and feelings created by you upon yourself. Accepting this and forgiving yourself and all involved in the creation of  this scenario has a powerful healing effect. Acceptance and forgiveness with love has to be done over and over until you can feel absolute acceptance and forgiveness from the mental, emotional and physical layers. Since this is a build up from many years healing the cause requires clearing all the negative energy blocks created by the harmful thoughts and feelings. Holistic work helps achieve this. Most issues and confrontations result from relationships. These issues are usually created through expectations not being fulfilled. The higher level aspect of relationships is the understanding that we are all independent beings (we come into the planetary system alone with nothing and we leave alone with nothing - the body belongs to Earth (its given to us to experience Earth life and stays on Earth when we leave). The Earth life is a process of schooling. The biggest lesson we all came here to learn is to experience all aspects of love and the development of true universal love within us. With pure love there is no hatred or dislike for any being no matter what harm they may do to us. Its like your 2 year old child breaking your priceless vase (or possession). Do wish harm on the child for doing this? Most will be upset for a little while but the love for the child is still very deep.

HEALING REQUIRES GRATITUDE AND TOTAL FORGIVENESS. You cannot have any guilt feelings or issues with anyone. Everything is a journey of life's experiences. Every relationship (parental, family, spouses, friends, lovers) teaches you the challenges of love. TRUE LOVE DEVELOPMENT WITHIN YOUR BEING WILL ACKNOWLEDGE ALL RELATIONSHIPS (GOOD AND BAD) WITH GRATITUDE. When you accept every situation (and relationship) as a level of experience, the power of gratitude towards the being(s) for sharing their life with you (for whatever time period) with forgiveness (for your SELF for creating issues, expectations and other form of negativity towards others) clears the energy blocks in your system. We have to remember that every being is here for their own journey and experiences. We do not own any being or control their life journey.

Over time the negative energy blocks from the emotional and mental finally flows into the physical body. This is when the symptoms are noticed and action is taken to fix the problem. Medical Practitioners are trained to provide temporary fixes, and in most cases they take care of the symptoms not the cause. Very few understand that the cause of all issues in the physical body is in the energetic bodies and not in the physical layer. To heal from cancer or other such diseases one must fully cleanse the physical, emotional and mental layers of your system. The cleansing should not kill all the white blood cells in the body and weaken your immune system.

Changing your diet is essential to healing. Detoxification cleanses the physical layer. Energetic work, stress reduction processes, meditation, and deep cleansing of physical, mental and emotional energetic blockages helps speed up the healing process.

Sugar is one of the greatest killers in our world today, alongside HIV-aids and stress related illnesses. Sugar is the core manifestor of hyperglycaemia and of diabetes in our world. Eighty-five percent of the people who have diabetes and who suffer from hyperglycaemia and who have become insulin resistant is because of sugar, especially when taken in, in the amounts that many do, and this applies to all world-wide. This means that all of us seriously need to look at our diet.

Carbohydrates also need to be minimized in our intake,as carbohydrates are transformed into sugar  and taking in too much carbohydrates (unless you are an athlete or partake in vigorous activity DAILY) your body also has tremendous difficulty processing it and will store it as fat. Depression, headaches, colitis, constipation, eczema, diabetes, hyperglycaemia, mood swings, heart burn, unsatisfied hunger and cravings especially for sugar are all manifestations of too much sugar. The body has not been designed to deal with the amounts of sugar that the majority  put into their diet.


 Healing in the physical body takes place when the blood PH is balanced or slightly alkaline.

The body has to have a balanced pH like most living things on earth or it does not function correctly.  The alkaline level is very important because research has already proven that disease cannot survive in an alkaline state and yet they thrive in an acidic environment.

An acidic balance will:  decrease the body's ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients, decrease the energy production in the cells, decrease it's ability to repair damaged cells, decrease it's ability to detoxify heavy metals, make tumor cells thrive, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

There are two factors that are ALWAYS present with cancer no matter what else may be present.  Those two factors are Acid pH and Lack of Oxygen.  Can we manipulate those two factors that always have to be present for cancer to develop and by doing so will that help reverse the cancer?  If so, we need to learn how to manipulate those two factors.

Cancer needs an acid and low oxygen environment to survive and flourish within.  Terminal cancer patients are around 1000 times more acidic than normal healthy people.  The vast majority of terminal cancer patients possess a very low body pH.  Why?.......>  Click on the above link or here

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Important Information relating to Cancer


Humans are also affected in a negative manner by overly basic or acidic environments and water supply as well as food supply.  Humans have begun to recognize this truth and understand that all disease may begin with an overly basic or acidic bloodstream.  The underlying cause is environmental through air borne toxins as well as toxins in the water supply or food supply.  What causes an over acidic water supply?  Much as the problem with acid rain and how it destroys the plants, regions with large numbers of industrial plants will create airborne as well as water based toxins that are heavily acidic. 


As humans living nearby breathe in the toxins from the air and drink the toxins from the local water supply, they begin to absorb so much acid that it too begins to destroy the blood vessels and cells.  Too much acid in the blood supply will eat holes in the cellular structure and veins and arteries of the body leading to disease.  What kinds of disease come from an overly acidic system?  Cancer is one of the main diseases from an overly acidic internal environment. 


The acid that creates cancer begins to dissolve the cells and walls and lining of the arteries and veins creating pus.  The pus will gather where the body is the weakest, and if this is surrounding a particular organ or gland such as the pancreas, liver, spleen or gall bladder, cancer will develop.  Cancer is the result of suffocation of the cells due to too much mucous present such that the cells cannot feed upon the sugar and oxygen that they require to subsist nor detoxify of their wastes.  Cancer is the result of many sick and dying cells due to excessive mucous that suffocates their existence.


Cancerous growths such as tumors and fibroids are the result also of the suffocation of the cells such that the space between the cells begins to procreate en mass.  If cells do not retain their health continuing to grow and regenerate, the space between the cells can begin to over-grow instead.  This is what cancerous growths are made of, excessive space between materials that are a kind of glue that is designed to hold cells together.  It is for this reason that cancerous tumors are often hardened masses in nature.


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Energy Healing Processes

SELF HEALING START - Dis-ease starts in the subtle bodies through build up over time of blocked energies (from all our negative thought forms and guilt feelings for ourselves and others), We first have to clear these from our mind and beliefs before any healing in the physical layer can take place. Clearing issues from the mind and past beliefs requires processes that work from the deeper cellular layers. The Creative Life Force Total Empowerment Meditation initiates this process. The power breathwork sessions clears issues at deeper layers of the cellular memory. Clearing the energy blockages in the subtle (etheric) bodies energizes the crystal body. The crystal body is the master body. The physical body is the slave body. Remedies for the slave body provides temporary relief as the cause of the pain is a block in the master body. Healing the master body heals the true cause of the dis-ease in the physical layer. The advance soul awakening classes provides exercise on clearing blocks in the crystal body.

Power Breathwork

This unique breathwork process clears dark, negative and blocked energies at the cellular level and replenishes with powerful high vibrational energy. This vibrant energy clears issues relating to stress, anger, forgiveness, depression, anxiety, lack, tension, frustration, disharmony, trauma, fatigue and dis-ease. A minimum of at least 5 classes are recommended to heal the issues.

The Power Breathwork classes upon healing your issues, open you up to the energies of the higher heavens and provide unique and phenomenal experiences.

These Power Breathwork classes can only be provided by certified teachers and teachers in training completion.


Pranic Healing

This is deeper form of energy healing using Reiki and Divine energies. Traditional reiki healing typically blasts you with energy.  Receiving just the energy does not provide a complete healing. Pain is caused by energy blockages in your system. These blockages are in the subtle bodies (emotional, mental etherical) and in the physical. True healing requires the blockages to be cleared first. Once the blockages are cleared then reiki or divine energies can be transmitted to induce the healing.

The Pranic Healing  process is 60-80% clearing of all blocked energies and 20-40% transmission of Reiki or Divine energies (energizing).

A good healer is a person that is himself/herself vibrating at a higher frequency and through this is able to transmit the highest level of divine energies. If the healer's inner light is vibrating at the power of 100watts it is not possible for the healer to bring in 1000 watts of power into his/her system.

Tumors and cancer  are manifested when an organ is congested with negative (blocked/dirty energy). In many cases the chakras are congested and require cleansing. For instance anger, resentment and hatred over activate the solar plexus chakra, meng mein and basic chakras. Over time with harboring of negative emotions can result in development of lung cancer. Pranic healing through chakra cleansing and energy balance can help activate the healing process.

It is important that energy healers understand that cancer patients have under activated upper chakras [heart (4th) and third eye (6th) ] which requires cleansing and activation through energizing.  The lower chakras [Solar plexus and below] are already over activated and must not be energized. Energizing the lower chakras can make the cancer worse. Healers should only cleanse the dirty yellow/red energy from these lower chakras (without any form of energizing).

Proper diet is a very important factor in healing cancer. The cancer patient's body is extremely grayish in energy. The grayish energy adversely effects expelling of diseased energies in the body. Meat contains vast amounts of grayish red and grayish yellow energy, which only worsen the condition. Hot spicy foods contain a lot of red prana and hence should be avoided. Fish is a cleanser, but under cancerous conditions it is best to avoid fish as well. A pure vegetarian diet especially high prana vegetables help expel diseased energies (avoid vegetables and fruits that make the body feel "hot').

Emotions must be balanced. Irritability, anger, resentment, all sense of hopelessness, negative thoughts and emotions must be avoided as these energize and contribute to the cancer. Positive attitude, tolerance, forgiveness, peace, happiness, joy, warmth, kindness, love and hope must be encouraged as these positive attributes produce the pink healing/cleansing pranic energy on all the chakras and meridians. Rose oil contains a lot of pink prana. One drop of rose oil in a liter of water is sufficient. Drinking rose oil water (or water  with a rose quartz crystal immersed for at least 4 hours) helps nourish pink prana. It is best to avoid alcohol.

Meditation techniques that bring joy with connection to the divine with focus on cleansing chakras is encouraged as daily practice. Repeat this affirmation while in the joyful meditative state: " My mind, body and emotions are being cleansed. They are assimilating the divine healing energy. My chakras, meridians, and every particle of my body are being cleansed, energized and healed. I am being made whole. I am being healed. I willingly and gratefully accept the divine healing energy with my deepest thanks and full faith".

Tachyon, Sound Healing and Chakra Meditation CDs are recommended to help raise yourself to higher vibrational states that allow opening up to greater flows of divine healing energies. See Self Help

Negative karma is cleansed through the laws of forgiveness and mercy. Forgive, be merciful and bless those that have hurt you by mentally visualizing them daily for at least a week. Forgive each person and bless them with good health, happiness, love, joy, success, prosperity and divine energies. Avoid all negative thoughts.

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Healing Qigong (Chi gong)

Qi (Chi) is the energy (universal and in the body). Gong is the technique of the exercise/discipline. Qigong is the exercise and practice to make the universal energy active in the physical body. There are over 1000 Qigong exercises and practices. All Qigong masters have their variation of exercises. Selecting the proper exercise/practice is most important in receiving optimum results from Qigong practice. True Qigong practice is based on meridian theories in balancing the yin and yang energies with movement of the entire body. The movements are designed to strengthen muscles and increase the flow of Qi (Chi) with the body system. Breath exercise with the movements allow the Qi (Chi) from the universe to enter the body  as oxygen and increase the circulation and balance the body's energy.

 Qigong styles vary according to the key focus of the exercises. Some styles focus on training the mind to be silent and on the visualization of nature. Qigong practice for healing requires mind focus and visualization of the Qi (Chi) fighting and overpowering the sickness and blockage in the body. A practice known as "healing Qigong" is a process where the Qigong teacher/master directs Qi (Chi) into the patient's body for the purpose of healing. Receptivity to this energy by the patient helps enhance the healing process.

In China almost all hospitals and clinics offer Qigong healing therapy. Qigong has helped cure many sicknesses. Acute illness are usually difficult for treatment through Qigong. Chronic sickness however have excellent results especially in areas of rehabilitation.

Acupuncture helps clear blockages within the meridian lines and heal pain in specific areas of the body. Qigong practice opens up the flow of universal energy within your whole system and allows the higher energies to slowly clear the blocked energy flow.


Kristic Reiki

The Kristic level VI Reiki Master Healer works with 12th dimensional healing energies. These energies clear issues and open you up to the higher vibrations.


Healer Training

The Power Breathwork Teacher training, Kristic  Reiki attunements, and completion of the Spiritual/Soul Awakening Levels 1-5 , cleanse you, prepare you and open you up to the highest frequency levels to become a power healer to help others clear their issues and empower themselves. 


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