Human DNA Repair and Development for Ascension





The human species have a 15 dimensional frequency bio-energetic field. DNA strands correspond to dimensional fields. The core Human DNA imprint is built on a 12 strand structure. Each strand corresponds to 1 of 12 dimensional frequency bands within the 15 dimensional scale. This implies that the human form was designed to embody 12 dimensions of conscious awareness (the full Christed state). In ancient days "ascension" was considered as dimension expansion.

Present day humans on average have 3 - 3.5 DNA strands activated. Healing modalities available through Selftransform, provide processes that clear blockages from the human bio-grid and the energetic bodies, stimulate the dormant portions of DNA into activation. The clearing of blockages progressively purges ancient distortions and mutations within the gene codes. Clearing the distortions opens the doors to higher levels of consciousness awareness and higher dimensions.

The distortions, mutations and all lower vibration (dense) disharmonic thought forms from past moments are known as miasms. Miasms distort the flow of energy and identity through the human system. Each lifetime's miasms are compounded, creating repetitive patterns in the current lifetime. Miasms are responsible for the manifestations of disease and disharmonic conditions within the body and life structure. Each person's miasmic imprint establishes their design and function of DNA. Transmuting miasms with the process of embodying higher identity levels allows activation of higher DNA strands. The activation of higher strands initiates a realignment  in a person's life direction and physical health towards a more harmonious and joyful path.

Chakra activations, meditations, breathwork, building of the internal pillar of light, opening to the higher bodies are processes that expand and activate higher DNA strands (after transmuting all miasms).

The 2012 - 2017 ascension wave requires a qualification of at least a level 5 DNA strand.

DNA Molecule Structure





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