New Earth Energies Enhance your Creative Powers to Manifest your Desires and Life Purpose

By Ishnah

Our life on this planet is about learning. Every situation in our life is an experience we asked to receive. Our beliefs, past thoughts, feelings, and experiences create a continuous and restrictive life pattern that manifests into our daily life. Releasing the old restrictive patterns by replenishing old energy with new vibrant energy in our system enhances our daily life and allows us to more easily receive clarification and direction towards manifesting our desired goals and dream life.

Our physical form is the most phenomenal miracle for all us on this planet. We take our physical life on this planet for granted and not fully appreciate our physical form or the beautiful planet Earth that is hosting us while we are here.

When we understand and accept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings trying to become spiritual, our life's meaning changes. As spiritual beings we come from a realm of pure love and abundance of all (prosperity, joy, peace, freedom), with a co-creative power to instantly manifest whatever we desire. Our human life allows us to experience lessons at a practical level with feelings and emotions. Every incident in our life is an experience that our Higher Spirit Self (Soul) wants us to feel with knowingness.

The planet Earth is the practical lab for us to experience everything we have learnt in the Spirit realm. This planet's matrix is made up of polarity, which requires experiencing opposite sides of each lesson. So, when we receive large sums of money (winning the lottery, or gains from stocks or business) we feel immense joy, love, gratitude and acceptance. To complete the lesson the opposite also has to be experienced. At some point a large financial loss occurs. The experience is the feeling we go through when this occurs. The normal feeling during a financial loss is depression, anxiety, stress and other strong negative feelings. We end up victimizing others and ourselves. These negative feelings develop into a deeper hole, which ends up worsening our situation. The objective is to graduate from the lesson and move on to the next lesson. To graduate from the lesson we must feel joy, love, gratitude and acceptance in both experiences. To graduate from this specific lesson we must accept the lesson of financial loss, have gratitude and joy with love that we have experienced it. Upon full acceptance the loss will be short lived and we move on to the next lesson our Higher Self wants us to experience.

While we are experiencing our life's lessons on this planet, we need to understand that this life we are living is actually a drama for our Higher Self. We are the personality self and the main character in our play. All family members, friends and associates are part of our drama playing (friendly and unfriendly) roles to help us with our lessons. Graduation from each lesson is through love, compassion, gratitude and acceptance (no matter how severe the pain). Forgiveness comes through love and compassion. Being aware that each experience is part of our growth and that each lesson requires love compassion, gratitude and acceptance to complete, will help us flow through life much more easily with a better attitude.

All aspects of our life are experiences we have asked to experience for our growth. We have free will and choice at all times. Everything we go through in the physical life is through our own creation and doing. Every thought and feeling is registered. Our life path is structured by our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and past patterns engrained in our system.

We are able to change our life paths by changing our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and past patterns engrained in our system. We can change our thoughts and feelings to focus on more positive aspects. But how do we release our past restrictive patterns engrained in our system? First, we have to understand that our life cycle is not linear. It is actually a circular flow of past, present and future. All past thoughts, experiences, and beliefs manifest our present situations. Our present situation is through our past reflection; this is carried and manifested into the future. This cycle is continuous throughout our whole life. The dream future we would like to manifest for ourselves is easier to attain once restricted past engrained patterns are fully released and removed.

How can we change our old restricted thought patterns, so that we can manifest our goals and desires faster?

To change our present for a better future, we need to first release all past thought patterns and repressed emotions from our cellular memory. Clearing the negative energy blockages from our system helps us to fully open up to receive new vibrant energy, which replenishes and regenerates old tissues, and fully cleanses and heals our physical, mental and emotional system from all past victimizations, ill feelings, guilt, and anger for ourselves and others.

How do we clear the negative blockages and receive the new vibrant energy?

The 2-hour Passion of Life Power Breathwork Class offered by the Center for Self Transformation releases repressed emotional issues from the cellular level, clears stress, anxiety, fear issues and blocked energies. This unique and very powerful breathwork process connects your breathflow to the Universal Source energy, which provides the new vibrant flow of energy into your system. All low vibrating "old" energy is flushed out with the "old restrictive thought patterns" and replaced with new higher vibrating energy. This new vibrant energy brings in more clarity, focus, joy, peace, love and compassion.

What is low and high vibration energy and how does this affect our life?

We all enter the planet at a high vibration. Everyone's vibration level is different. A person's vibration level is determined by their level of awareness and consciousness. We all come from the Universal Truth. As we enter the planet our belief is of the Universal Truth (sphere). Upon entering the planet to childhood our parents, teachers, expanded family and social circle's belief system is engrained into us. Our Universal Truth belief is forgotten and our Earthly belief (our self created restricted square box) becomes our Truth. Our life becomes structured and engrained to our beliefs (square box). The more we stay in our square box, the more we restrict our growth and full potential.

When we enter this planet we come in at a high spirit frequency (we can use the analogy of FM (spirit) frequency vs. AM (earth) frequency). As we enter the planet the spirit (FM) frequency drops but we still stay tuned into this frequency. As our belief system changes from the Universal Truth to the Earthly beliefs, our frequency shifts to the Earth (AM) frequency. Our level of vibration drops (becomes more dense) the deeper we sink in the Earthly beliefs and fall from the pure state of compassion and love. The more we victimize, have ill feelings, thoughts, criticisms and judgments about ourselves and others the more dense our vibrations become. Repressed emotions, stress, anxiety, depression all create energy blockages. These energy blockages also make our vibrations denser. The denser our vibrations become the less power (will) we have to direct our life the way we would like to. Our co-creative abilities to manifest our ultimate desires are at their minimum.

Raising our vibration level back to the spirit frequency maximizes our power (will) and abilities to manifest with our own co-creative life force. We are able to return to a life style similar to being in the 5th dimensional plane (where we have ultimate, freedom, joy, love, peace and prosperity) by raising our vibrations to the higher vibrational frequency. Earth has been in the 3rd dimensional plane. Beings in this 3rd dimensional plane live to survive. All daily tasks fulfill survival needs.  Since 1987 Earth began a shift towards uplifting itself to the 5th dimensional vibration-frequency. This is the vibration-frequency of creative life force activation. All beings that are able to uplift themselves (through clearing their negative energies) to the 5th dimensional space are able to co-create their dream world and life purpose faster with the planet's higher vibrational energies. Planet Earth's vibration-frequency as of 2005 was estimated to be three quarters into the 4th dimensional plane. It is estimated that over 50% of the beings on Earth are still in 3rd dimension, 45% are in 4th dimension and 5% are in the 5th Dimension vibration.

The 2-Day Spiritual Awakening Class taught by the Center for Self Transformation opens you up to expand your beliefs and fully see life from the higher perspective. You are also taught how to direct your life to attain freedom, love, peace and joy at all times.  You receive deeper cleansing of your blockages and past energy patterns. Your vibration levels receive an immense upliftment. You receive an activation to empower your creative life force energies. Your inner power (higher will) is activated; you receive more clarity with creative thoughts.....and much more. This class teaches you to understand life in the Earth matrix with its restrictions (created by you) and processes to overcome these and evolve.

Ishnah, the writer of this article has spent the last 20 years on a deep quest searching for the Universal Truth, through researching all religions, connecting with self-realized masters, practicing advance meditations, breathwork, yoga, reiki, and other spiritual practices. He received and inner awakening 3 years ago and receives answers directly from the inner source within. All classes taught by Ishnah are practical, experiential programs with processes that help you speed up your spiritual evolution journey by raising your vibrations, opening your spiritual heart and expanding your wisdom of the Universal Truth. All classes have been received through advanced masters.  Participants that have taken the classes have had phenomenal experiences and changes in their daily life. For more information view

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