Expand your heart.   Expand your mind.   Expand your beliefs.  Open to higher wisdom.  Activate your inner power.

Ask for your truth.  Realize and experience your purpose.

Live your life in love and joy.



Passion of Life Power Breathwork

Printable information sheet pdf

Constricted breathing patterns are opened up and the body is fully oxygenated. Suppressed emotional and energy blockages are released at the cellular level. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are empowered. 2 Hours



Creative Life Force Empowerment & Power Breathwork


Clear blockages, raise your vibrations, Receive and activate your creative life force energies. Empower your abilities to manifest your desires faster.

3 Hours



Spiritual Awakening Level 1

Includes Life process Information, Discovering the Self, Clearing Blockages, Self-Love, Breathwork, Manifestation Process, Awareness of popular Meditation Techniques and Learn the  Mer-Ka-Bah (Ascension) Meditation

Includes a comprehensive

course manual

Intensive Karma Cleansing meditation, full activation of higher energies, raise your vibrations,  In depth understanding of Who you are and your true purpose for being here. Experience self-Love opening. Know the effect of thoughts, Fear, Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness. Learn the co-creation process of attracting and manifesting your desires. The program involves breath-work and several guided meditations. Learn the first level of the Mer-Ka-Bah meditation (the first 14 Breaths). Activate your Christ Consciousness. [This workshop is a prerequisite for all advance Melchizedek Method Mer-ka-bah and Light Body Activation programs]





Spiritual Awakening Level 2

Advance Mer-Ka-Bah

Levels 1 & 2 [Sacred Geometry + Melchizedek Method level 1 and 2]

Includes a comprehensive

course manual


"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Bah" means Body - Learn the higher Merkabah Breaths, Open and activate and encode 13 higher Chakras, Sacred Geometry, Activate the Melchizedek Triple Hologram of Love Flower of Life, Pineal Activation, Ankh Activation, Melchizedek Orbital Hologram of Love Flower of Life Merkabah Activation. Kamadon Healing Process I

Level1 Only

2 Days


Level 2 Only

2 Days

Combined 4-Days $595**

Spiritual Awakening Level 3

Advance Mer-Ka-Bah Techniques Melchizedek Method level 3 & 4

Activate 5th Dimensional Light Bodies

Includes a comprehensive

course manual



MMLevel 3 Unity MerKaBah Activation, 33 Chakra clearing, 33rd Degree Adam Kadmon Light Body Activation Meditations connecting to higher realms Kamadon Healing Process II

MMLevel 4 Activate  upper centers, Reprogram DNA, awaken light body centers, expand consciousness, connect to the higher dimensions, Sri Yantra and Shiva Rings of Fire Activation, Kamadon Healing Process III       

Level 3 Only

3 Days


Level 4 Only

2 Days

Combined 5-Days $790**

Spiritual Awakening Level 4


Melchizedek Method level 5.1 & 5.2/3

Activate Higher Light Bodies and open up to the 8th Dimension

Includes a comprehensive

course manual


MMLevel 5.1 Activate 5th Dimensional Metatronic Powerballs of Love, Zenith Light Body,Metatronic Orionis & Galactic Councils, 33 Strands DNA, Kamadon Healing Process IV

MMLevel 5.2/3 Cosmic Spectrum Omkabah, 888 Cosmic Christ Consciousness,Lotus / Heart Sutra Kamadon Cosmic Spectrum Healing, Maitreya Activation, Co-Creation, Kamadon Healing Process V

Level 5.1 Only

2 Days


Level 5.2/3 Only

2 Days

Combined 5-Days $790**

Accelerated Consciousness Expansion level 1 Includes Passion of Life Power Breathwork,  Deeper Chakra Cleansing,  Higher mental bodies, Guided Meditations and Initiations for ascension through Ascended Masters


Connect with the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters (Master Jesus/Sananda, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Master Kuthumi, and others). They cleanse your lower Chakras, clear and brighten your aura, [if required-remove tags (spirit attachments, negative energies and 4th Dimension Astral debris)], Activate higher Chakras, Help release negative ego, Receive full guidance on utilizing and protection from grey area astral realms for journeys through the Star Tetrahedron Merkabah,  Expand your inner light, receive gifts of higher initiations to activate the higher mental bodies...and much more.





Higher Light Body Activation Program Ascended Master Channelings with more cleansing of higher bodies, higher initiations, and activations to your Oversoul (Monad, Zohar or higher light bodies) and Christ Overself. 2-Days $295
2-Day Spiritual Awakening Level 1 Teacher Certification Certify to Teach the 2-Day Spiritual Awakening level1 (Includes all Teaching Tools) [Passion of Life or other Breathwork certification-training is required] 1-Day $195
Passion of Life Breathwork Training Become a Passion Of Life Power Breathwork Facilitator. Receive full training becoming a power breathwork teacher. This is a practical hands-on training program. 3 Days $995

*  Discount Price if you register 7+ days prior to the program date.

** Spiritual Awakening Levels 2-4 requires ordering special manuals. Registration with a 20% deposit is required 21 days or more prior to the program date. Prices include manuals. Please add 10% for registrations after 21 days ( for rush order shipment of manuals from Australia ).

 50% Discount for Children 12 - 21 with a registered adult.

Payment Refund Policy - All prepayments will be 100% refunded (less $50 admin and organization expenses for Spiritual Awakening Levels 1-4) within the first hour of attending a 1- 5 day class and within the the first 30 minutes of attending a 2-3 hour class, if you are not satisfied with the class program or the instructor.

 These sessions can be scheduled at your premises (or in your Area)

A Minimum commitment from 5 people (10 outside of Dallas-Fort Worth) are preferred.  

Sessions can be scheduled on weekends or weekdays

Call us for special group pricing

To set up your group session please contact Ray (972)897-5454  or Email : selftransform@sbcglobal.net.

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