LADY PORTIA is the Goddess Of Justice" and also Goddess of Opportunity.  She represents divine justice to the Earth. Her action is that of balance, with the scales as a symbol; there must be harmony to hold a balance. She went on into perfection, when imperfection began to be externalized, and She was therefore not drawn into discord with mankind. She remained in the inner spheres and only came forth April 9, 1939, for the first time. She started Cosmic Justice into action for the Earth, which must reign supreme once again. It was made known then that She was THE TWIN RAY (flame) of beloved SAINT GERMAIN.

She is One of the Members of THE KARMIC BOARD, representing the Seventh Ray on that Board. She became Spokesman June 27, 1954, in honor of SAINT GERMAIN having become the presiding Master for the next two thousand year cycle. One can call to Her for assistance in legal action.  Her electronic pattern is the Maltese Cross."

"As you know, Divine Justice and God-Freedom are quite inseparable and so it is indeed the grateful Joy of My Lifestream to be the Divine Complement of my adored and adorable 'FRANCIS' (which name means 'Freedom' and by which He is known at Inner Levels), but better known to His chelas in the world of form as 'SAINT GERMAIN' (which name means 'Holy Brother' and is so symbolical of the One who has given so much of Himself to the bringing forth, sustaining and expanding on earth world brotherhood, uniting the Christ Natures of all everywhere).

"May I very kindly and yet truthfully say that it is really not within the understanding of an unascended being to be able either to cognize intellectually or feel emotionally the depths and breadths of our Love for all of God's creation - and more particularly for each of you who has given so much of that which makes up your physical existence here - your time, attention, energy and financial substance - into the 'Cause of Freedom.' For the eternal Victory of this 'cause' on earth your beloved Saint Germain really 'lives, moves and has His Being.' His steadfast consecration to this purpose all through the ages has been and still is almost unbelievable - even to Us - and it is most beautiful to behold!

"Now, beloved gracious readers - I have just told you of My (and Our) combined Love for you - individually and collectively. Therefore, whenever you think of Me as Portia - Goddess of Justice, will you let My Love draw you very close to Me, thus dissolving from your world all fear of Divine Justice? You know 'Perfect Love casts out fear,' and I would like us to be close heart-friends - if you are willing.

"Now, Divine Justice is not too popular a subject and, as a matter of fact, the Presence of neither THE GODDESS OF PURITY nor Myself is too much called for or sought after among mankind. Our lovely Sister of Light KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy) is called into action here much more often than We, for Mercy makes one feel so comfortable and brings a sweet sense of forgiveness and release. This of course is because of the feeling within It of the freeing Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame."

from dictation by PORTIA, Pearls of Wisdom , Volume 2, Number 23, (The Summit Lighthouse, 1959) Copyright 1997 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.


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