2005 Earth Changes - Tsunami Explanation

Master Teachers overview of 2005
by Ruth Ryden

"This portion of time upon planet Earth is a great testing of humanity, no matter who you are or where you may be. The great strides towards the higher dimensions of the universe are taken when great difficulties are accepted and overcome when in human form."

"We must add that all those who were lost in the quakes and tsunamis are being well taken care of and are returning to their own places in the heavenly realm. Your prayers should be for strength and clarity of
mind for those remaining survivors. Aid is coming very slowly and many more will go back home."

Q? Dear Master Teachers of our Universe: Would you please give us an overview of what this coming year has in store for us? The issues most pressing now of course are the war in Iraq, and weather patterns
around our nation and around the world.

Yes, of course we will. We do wish all of our readers a very Purple New Year! Purple is the color of royalty and royal you all are in the sense of being eternal spiritual beings who have gained immense knowledge and intelligence over thousands and sometimes millions of years. It is time to acknowledge your superiority over your human body and use your inner knowledge in ways that will enhance your lifetime here and help others realize their own purposes of being in human form. The difficulties of the past year will be repeated by those who fail to accept the changes happening all around them instead of taking the first steps to a different way of life. Accept the physical changes and feelings you are experiencing and stop cramming all of these highly-advertised pills down your throats in order to find perfect health! The only ones benefiting from all of these medications are the owners of the Pharmaceutical companies! Perfect health is a not a prerequisite for the purposes most of you have come to accomplish. We see with pride those who, despite failing health and deformities, still strive toward the paths they know within must be walked, no matter how difficult the way. This portion of time upon planet Earth is a great testing of humanity, no matter who you are or where you may be. The great strides towards the higher dimensions of the universe are taken when great difficulties are accepted and overcome when in human form.

Most of the readers of these messages are well aware that they are accompanied through life by spiritual helpers, those who guide, inform, and protect each and every one of you. The hard knocks in life can always be lightened when it is remembered to call upon these helpers for assistance and/or guidance. These requests are always, and we mean always, acted upon immediately. Although you may not see the results immediately, the behind-the-scenes actions are put into motion so that the events in your lives will come to pass in your best interests. What may seem to be miracles sometimes are the results of these actions. Love is not just a word coined by humanity to explain the bond between people, it is a powerful Energetic Force that rules throughout your universe and all other universes yet unknown and unseen to your astronomers. It is also the strong bond between all spiritual beings ever created and yet to be created. We have seen some spiritual teachers pronounce that no new souls are to be created; that is not true. Creation is eternally on-going, whether it be new spiritual beings or the leaves on a tree in the Spring.

Your personal helpers are always on "duty" and will never let you down. That is the one thing you can always rely upon, even if what you want or need is not immediately foreseen. The Love that binds you and
all things together in the universe is entirely beyond your comprehension and vaster than the farthest star system. Look upon this coming year as a grand experiment into life! Get better acquainted with yourselves, then expand your love outward to all others as you walk, run, or ride through the days of your lives.

Much has been written about a coming world of love and peace, and that is well and good. It will come, but only when humanity allows it to happen; when greed, lust, and evil intentions have been dampened for
good. This is your responsibility, for even one powerful word from one human being can change ideas, commitments, intentions, and feelings to a point of changing your entire perception of the world around you.
You are in command. The Creator's gift to humanity has always been Free Will and always will be. Help is always available, but you have to do the work!

It is quite obvious that Earth Changes are continuing to occur, as evidenced most terribly one week ago with the Indonesia 9.0 quake and tsunami sweeping away thousands of people into the sea. The crustal
plates are moving quite drastically in this part of your world and you will be seeing more quakes and volcanoes coming to life in this chain of islands very soon. Scientists are reporting that the vibrations from the huge quake have affected the crust around the planet, and that is true to some extent. This is not to be a domino effect, however, but will result in changes in sea currents in the seas surrounding the Asian areas. As sea currents undergo transitions, weather patterns will also be affected. India will begin to see some climate changes before too long and the islands of the Indonesian chain will also be seeing many changes. Temperature changes in the oceans are forcing sea life to find new places to live, and fishing industries are being forced to seek different species of fish for the commercial markets.

The question arises as to the consequences of the 9.0 quake around the world. The tsunami even reached the coast of Africa, sweeping away coastal villages and their inhabitants. The  shifting of this undersea
plate is setting up a pattern of shifting in the Pacific and thus around the world. Even slight shifting of a plate, especially if it subducts under another plate, will cause more tsunamis in unexpected places. Humanity must accept that any coastal area that is heavily populated could be affected by these movements. Scientific studies and warning systems are even now racing to be put into effect. Be aware of these situations and, if you live on a coast, especially off the Pacific Ocean, go to high ground immediately if there is news of a big quake in the seas. Don't live in fear over this, just be aware of what is happening in the world. Modern communication systems give humanity the warnings that will save lives. It has already been reported that the frequencies set up by that large quake have been detected in other parts of the world. Of course they have. Planet Earth is a closed system that reflects in all of its parts anything that happens anywhere upon or within it. Some electronic systems will be affected as the shifting of the plates create strong vibrations that pour deeply into the depths of the planet. People who are sensitive to changing vibrations will feel some uneasiness and interruptions in their thinking processes. If this happens, realize what it is and give yourselves some time to rest and regroup.

Europe's northern hemisphere will continue to endure extremely low temperatures in the coming months, with heavy loads of snow in high elevations, and icy conditions near the sea coasts, making travel and living conditions difficult.

Air travel that has become the normal way to go from one place to another will be very difficult, and sometimes impossible, as air currents and storms make anything in the air above the earth a dangerous place to be. Communications towers will have to be built much stronger to withstand storm conditions; the sweeps of high frequencies that are now hitting the planet from the solar system will make interruptions in electronic systems quite common. More and more land travel will come back into vogue as a safer way to travel, although the masses of automobiles owned and used today will far outweigh the ability of the highways now built to handle all traffic safely. You no doubt will be hearing more about upgrading the tracks of train systems in your country as a better way to travel. Inner city travel will be enhanced by city trains, safer to ride than heavy traffic. What this will all come down to is a slow-down in the life styles of humanity. The intense race for power and money have put human beings into situations where stress and exhaustion is a way of life, ever hurrying to be somewhere and accomplishing work that affects everyone around them in their workplace, educational systems, etc. The slowdown in communications and travel is going to force people to rethink their situations in life, finding some better values along the way.

The Southern Hemisphere of your planet will be reflecting the changes occurring because of the solar hits, but in different ways. Yes, the crust is making adjustments in the deep seas all the way into the Antarctic ice masses and huge amounts of ice in the huge glaciers are even now beginning to melt more every day. Ice shelves are still breaking off and falling into the sea, to drift into sea lanes and showing up in unusual places. South America's coastlines will be experiencing land movements and higher tides as their seasons change drastically. The deep sea trench beside Chili will cause heavy quakes as it is affected by plate movements in the Pacific Ocean. Heavy rainfall will make life miserable in the rain forests and cause mudslides in many places. Heavy accumulations of snow in higher elevations will result in many avalanches, trapping those who refuse to acknowledge the dangers.

As to weather patterns in the United States in the coming year, specific predictions cannot be made even by those of us who help and protect you. The changes occurring so rapidly in your world are caused by many factors, including the high amounts of energy pouring into your Solar System from the cosmos, and by the thoughts and intentions of humanity itself. Mass intentions can, and do, change weather patterns and climates.

Generally speaking, the Eastern part of the U.S. and the Eastern Seaboard will continue to endure very low temperatures, high winds, and large amounts of snow that turns to ice when temperatures fluctuate constantly.

(Masters, this does not sound right as weather patterns seem to be switching sides and the East is now getting clear and warm weather, while the storms are occurring here in the West! The earth is said now
to be on a "wobble," causing many earthquakes to come. Is this a precursor of a shift? Ruth)

Yes, things have changed drastically in the last week. The Sun's flares are hitting the Earth with heavy energy that is causing this wobble. As you have heard, the earth is quiet from quakes for a time, as so much pressure was relieved by the Indonesian quakes, but this will pick up very soon, all around the world. We don't wish to alarm our readers, but what is happening with the climate variations now occurring will be all too evident very soon. Snow is beginning to be reported in areas of the world where it has never been seen before by the inhabitants, and tropical climes will see their temperatures drop far below normal. Planet Earth has been shifting on its axis for some time, but very slowly. Climate changes the last decade is the evidence of that.

Movements of the plates now are accelerating and quakes around the world should be expected in the next six months. There will NOT be a sudden shift that wipes out life on Earth! At least not for many centuries to come. The Eastern regions of the U.S. are experiencing very unusual warm weather at the moment, but, as stated above, temperature fluctuations will cause ice storms one week, and melting the next. We see that unusual periods of warm winds will raise hopes of an early spring, but don't count on it. The plates in the Atlantic Ocean are stable at the present time, but could start to move and shift in the coming year as the entire planet changes its form. Small tsunamis will be possible along any coast line in the coming years because of this. The possibility still exists of power blackouts in the big cities as buildups of ice on power lines and stations, or unusual use of electrical power during the winter months, could cause breakdowns in the systems. Small earth tremors will become common on the East Coast in the coming months, but we do not see a hard quake. Still, the word here is PREPARE!!!

The upper Mid-West is also feeling the onslaught of deep cold, strong winds, and piles of snow. We see temperatures sliding far below zero F. in January and February close to the Canadian borders. This
situation will extend to all of the northern states, except Washington, as sea currents will cause constant fluctuations in the weather patterns there, just as in the East. In the Plain States, when warmer temperatures slide in, expect large amounts of rain and flooding very early in the Spring.

The great rivers will be in flood stages more than once during the year, and those determined to stay near their banks will be under water. Weather patterns over the plains will look like a huge cauldron of black and grey as storms and tornadoes will be much more in evidence, and we see this happening for many months. Please, if you live in these areas, dig yourselves storm cellars!!! Build new homes at ground levels on high ground. This is going to be the situation and you must accept it.

Southern states from Texas to the tip of Florida will see these fluctuations to the point of frustration, as deep cold changes places with warm and sunny days almost constantly. We do see large amounts of rainfall, combining with sleet in higher elevations. The Gulf of Mexico will be uneasy, as some minor shifting in its depths could cause high waves and even whirlpools. Sailors should use their electronic sensing equipment every time they go out.

The Southwest is going to be relieved of its long-standing drought as heavy clouds push in from the Pacific sending heavy rains dashing in and out, almost without warning, turning to snow in higher elevations.
California, Arizona, and New Mexico will welcome the moisture, but have to deal with flooding and highways washing out from mudslides and flash floods. At this writing, we see this in force for the next four months. Temperatures will also be fluctuating constantly as the Pacific Sea currents go through their drastic changes now and in the coming months. Shifts and quakes on the Pacific sea bed, especially near Japan, raises a possibility of tsunamis hitting the West Coast in a few months. Your scientists are setting up extremely good warning systems, so listen up if and when they are sounded!

What this ultimately means is that humanity must accept and understand that your planet is now undergoing the final and most important changes in its life during the next two years. All the prayers in the world are not going to change this transition, for the solar system itself is making huge changes, as all planetary systems do as they continue to go through re-creation on a pattern set by the Creator. It is up to humanity to make the changes necessary in their own lives that will keep them safe and on a continuing path through their lives.
Safety in any situation should be part of the everyday ritual of listening to the inner voice and guidance before starting out to drive on a crowded freeway or boarding an airplane.

The failure of an entire computer system on an airline during the Christmas rush was indeed caused by negative influences, but underlying that failure was the intention of the infinite to keep the planes grounded, as there would have been some terrible crashes if they had flown at a time of crowded skies. There has been a pattern in all this, even in the frustration of luggage misplacement. With all of the terrible things going on in the world, you are still being watched over and protected. The message here was that you are being told to
stop scurrying around constantly for little or no real reason. Families are separated from each other by long distances and it is hard not to be with them on special days. Still, is it really not intelligent to put yourselves into danger, stress, and frustration to do so, when traveling at other, slower, times would result in a relaxed and pleasant visit?

Have you noticed that your prayers for yourselves and others are being answered more quickly and in ways you would not have thought of? The higher frequencies we have been talking about constantly are affecting
your communications with the beings who work with you all the time. Remember, they are on a much higher set of frequencies and in order to communicate with earth-bound humanity, they must reduce their frequencies in order to be able to touch yours. Now, your own frequencies are rising, making it easier for this communication to happen.

This coming year, 2005, will be one of opportunity and transformation for all humanity. The outcome will depend upon every individual working toward understanding and sharing love, kindness, helpfulness,
and even personal belongings with those who are still struggling with reality. Are you being tested? Of course ... every lifetime is a testing for the spiritual being. This one is chosen to bring you into a much higher state of being, and most of you are doing a wonderful job of it. Use your minds and spirits to create intentions of the life you wish to live, for yourselves and all others. You are creators ... create!! When you need help, ask us for it!!! Too many of you forget that we cannot act on your behalf, except in emergencies, without your communication to us! Your Angels are on duty all the time ... recognize what they do for you and thank them.

You are living in the most important time since the creation of your Galaxy! Humanity is being watched and watched over by the highest powers in your universe, as well as by many other sentient beings from
other worlds who are trying to help all they can.

We must add that all those who were lost in the quakes and tsunamis are being well taken care of and are returning to their own places in the heavenly realm. Your prayers should be for strength and clarity of
mind for those remaining survivors. Aid is coming very slowly and many more will go back home.

Make your New Year one of acceptance of what is, and creating positive situations for yourselves and all others.

We are with you, always and forever.

Well, there it is. We have been told about this for years, so we can't say it's unexpected!  Here, in Central Arizona, we had downpours of rain this past week and are expecting another storm to come in over
the weekend. The little river running through our valley hit a flood stage not seen for 10 years, and will probably do the same thing again. That's OK with us ... we need this moisture so bad. When we can't get to town, we just settle down and use what we have stocked for emergencies. We are on high ground, so no problem there. Having an emergency generator is a really good idea now, if you can possibly afford it. Be really careful with candles if there are blackouts ... so many fires started that way.  Kerosene lanterns are great and pretty safe. They look nice, too.

My wish for you: Find your peace now, as troubles surround most of us. Be in prayer and in the Love that waits within, for there is our strength. Look for opportunities to do better, feel better, and be better in all ways. That is why we are here, isn't it?


Ruth Ryden
HC 8, Box 313
Payson, Arizona 85541-8578
(928) 474-3515

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