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TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT is the activation of your higher light bodies - Opening up to the GOD Source through your I AM PRESENCE


Enlightenment is realizing the truth of your "self" through deeper inner wisdom and experiencing inner growth in

each step


Enlightenment is being free

from all ill feelings and thoughts towards others and yourself -

This is also releasing yourself from victimhood


Enlightenment is raising your  frequency to the higher dimensional frequencies

by clearing and balancing all

lower chakras, and activating

the central channel (antahkarana), higher chakras and light bodies

Sacred Geometry & Advance

Merkaba programs allow you

to connect to your higher (Soul /GOD) source, activate higher light bodies and reach other dimensions within the Universal cosmic system




Recommended Books/ Movies

Journey Of Souls - Michael Newton


 Course In Miracles


 Conversations with God - Neal -  Donald  Walsh

 Matrix V


Kryon Books


 New Beginning - Abraham Hicks


 Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle


 Loving What Is - Byron Katie


 Movie - The Secret


 Movie - What Dreams May come


 Movie - What the Bleep


 Movie - Conversations with GOD


Additional ascension books are introduced in the Spiritual Awakening

& Consciousness Expansion Classes




New Year Resolutions

The Higher Perspective






















 Discover the Universal Truth




Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet?


This is the biggest mystery. For over 25,000 years the Universal Truth was not available to the people of this planetary system. It is now finally being received on this planet. Deep seekers of the truth that are open minded and ready will receive it.

The higher energies of 2012-17 and beyond have a two fold effect. We have been stuck in a Universal Time Matrix System that has been disconnected from the higher dimension frequencies for thousands of years. Ancient Earth history shows manipulations of the planetary grids by beings from other more advanced systems (Draco-Orion, Sirius, Pleiades). The Universal Time Matrix system we are in is being manipulated. The energies of 2012-17 and beyond are opportunities for
faster ascension.

Higher frequency energies being transmitted by the forces of light onto this planet allow individuals that are open to receive (through expanding their beliefs and mindset) to activate their higher Chakras (8 to 15), which opens their central channels (Universal Kundalini), raise their frequency and DNA. These activations help bypass the restriction programs active on this planet. The DNA of most people on this planet has already been mutated. That is why only 3-5 DNA strands are active instead of the 12-48 DNA strands (which used to be the norm for angelic human race).

What is the ascension process?

The new transformation energies of 2012-17 and beyond on Earth allow beings on this planet to more easily open up to the higher frequencies of our Universal Time Matrix systems......THIS IS THE TRUE ASCENSION JOURNEY. Not the religious belief system of merging with GOD through worship. We (AND EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS) is already inside THE ABSOLUTE GOD SOURCE. The journey is about us individually reuniting with our original GOD SEED (THROUGH LAYERS OF OUR HIGHER ASPECTS => SOUL - OVERSOUL - and Higher Consciousness Layers) after being trapped in this system for thousands of years....(disconnected from our higher layers) its the journey home. It is in knowing the higher Universal Truth that will help us go forward in the ascension process. Seeking the highest level of Universal Truth in our distorted and manipulated system is the biggest challenge as this information has purposely been hidden to stop beings from ascending.


The distortion of this planetary grid system thousands of years ago caused a mutation in our DNA structure. The original human had minimum of 12 DNA strands, 12 fully activated higher senses (5 lower and 7 higher),  full access to the higher divine mind and memories of life experiences in all time lines. The average human being today has only 3 to 4 DNA stands active, 5 functional senses and no memories of who they are and why they are on Earth. Those that are awakening are seeking higher level answers and processes to activate their higher DNA strands and raise their frequency.


How can we raise our frequency and activate our higher DNA strands?


We need to clear all past issues, forgive ourselves and others, release all negative energy patterns in our system, generate loving thoughts for ourselves and others, expand on the restricted planetary belief systems and open our mind set to the REAL universal truth, this initiates the basic process to open ourselves to receive our full power. 


Activating the pineal and opening the higher heart center (sacred heart at the thymus) with activation and clearing of the seven lower Chakra Seals speeds up the process by opening the kundalini and the higher antahkarana channels, opens the higher Chakras, raises our frequency levels and opens the the higher paths through the central channel to our higher layers (Soul => Oversoul => Avatar => Rishi => Monad => Godseed).


Meditation processes without full deep inner miasmic (karmic energy blockages) cleansing does not open you up to the higher frequency layers. The programs offered here are hands-on, experiential processes that help you release your old negative patterns (old degenerative energy), clear blockages and  past issues at the cellular level and replenish it with new vibrant higher frequency energies which brings you clarity, focus, heart opening with more  love, joy, passion, prosperity and enthusiasm to live your life to its full potential.


The Accelerated Creative Life Force 50 minute Power Meditation process (CD or download) is a guided meditation program designed for beginners and advanced meditators. The process starts with breathwork to open up the energy flow in mind-body followed by inner sound toning to silence the mind. This is followed by powerful meditation with sound tones to activate, align and energize the 7 Chakras (core energy centers that help open up the kundalini channel). A deep relaxation meditation state is attained with focus on activating your creative force to develop desires to achieve your required purpose for being on planet Earth in this life. This program is a required pre-requisite for the advance classes/programs. Daily / weekly practice of this meditation helps open and align the kundalini channel. This is the first stage to developing your Antakarana (central channel - rainbow bridge to your higher layers).


The Spiritual Awakening Program (CD or download) is a pre-requisite for the higher universal soul awakening classes. This program is for those that want to go beyond the planetary religious belief system. You are introduced/opened to a Higher level of Universal Spiritual Wisdom..(Deeper level Information with Over 250 pages..this background wisdom is required to better understand the higher levels of Universal Truth). You also receive the following: 1) Spiritual Awakening course manual 2) Creative Life Force Guided Power meditation 3) Advance Chakra breathwork and Chakra petals activation exercises (using Bija high frequency sounds) 4) Merkaba spherical breathwork (guided audio exercises). The processes provided in this program help you raise your vibration-frequency and help open up your kundalini channel. Kundalini activation in the body is required to open the central channel (Antahkarana) for the higher level soul awakening classes. Opening the central channel provides access to the higher soul/monad/GODSeed layers. The merkaba exercise introduces the merkaba and helps open the heart center. The power meditation and adv chakra petals exercises must be practiced regularly (minimum once a week) for at least a month prior to attending the Soul Awakening class. [ Read testimonials from people that took the class - This was just the pre-requisite class - The Universal Soul Awakening class takes you to another level]


The Passion of Life Power Breathwork Meditation class This breathwork is working with light, this is new for this planet.  It expands the consciousness. It releases many core issues and clears memory grids. It radiates more light, which brings more love and clarity onto a person's path.  Its benefits are without limits.  It will open the path for those who want to work in the higher levels of consciousness.


The Universal High Frequency Soul Awakening programs [8 levels] (These classes provide deeper clearing of chakra seals and resetting of your life's blueprint with infusion and expansion of your inner light, stimulate and activate higher DNA codes, develop your light bodies, open you up to the higher Dimension frequencies and re-activates your connection with your Soul-Oversoul-Rishi-Monad-Godseed (I AM Presence). This whole program has over 30 advance 5th - 12 Dimension (and higher) meditation/processes/techniques to connect with the higher dimension layers. [ Your kundalini channel in the lower body root to crown chakras has to be open - this program focuses on developing the higher central channel - antakarana - rainbow bridge with high frequency sound and light activations].


There is no quick fix. All methods and techniques presented here have to be practiced daily for several weeks or months to build the higher frequencies.


The Universal Soul Awakening Programs presented here open you up to receive the higher Earth Ascension Frequencies. Daily and ongoing practice of these programs provides openings to 5th-12 Dimension frequencies. People with fully assembled fifth dimensional and higher frequencies activated in their DNA will be able to ride this new ascension wave that is now on this planet. We receive this ascension wave every 4260 years.....Many of us have waited a long time (thousands of years) for this opportunity to ascend to the higher dimension time matrix systems. These advanced classes take you through intensive sound/light induction processes. All creation is manifest through Source frequencies of Sound and Light.

Those that are already open to receiving higher divine light energies through practice of Reiki, Pranic Healing, World Divine light healing and other energy/light transmission healing processes can fully activate their higher sacred heart and enhance their antahkarana/kundalini opening by daily practice of sending divine love and light healing to all beings on planet Earth. Downloading (free gift) this beautiful twin hearts meditation composed by Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui and recited by Ishnah allows you to do this. The divine energy accumulated within you from the Earth healing meditation can be directed to yourself through this self healing meditation also composed by Master Choa Kok Sui and recited by Ishnah.

True Self Realization and Soul Awakening requires expansion of your existing beliefs (beyond the restrictions of your programmed belief system - Opening up to the Absolute Universal Truth). You come into this planet knowing the Universal Truth. As you grow up you disconnect from the Universal Truth and inherit your family's belief system. Your parent's beliefs usually end up being the foundation of your beliefs.  The foundation of this belief creates your restrictions. The Universe has no restrictions. You create the boundaries based on your beliefs. These boundaries limit your spiritual growth / inner development.

Who are you? What is your whole Self? What is the universal mind? How can you connect with the universal mind? Why are you here on planet Earth? Where did you come from? What is the objective of life? Where do you go when you leave this body? What is the Universal Truth? What is the 5th Dimension? What is the meaning of Heaven on Earth?  Why are we required to activate higher DNA stands? Upon asking these questions and seeking answers you begin the journey towards knowing the Truth about planet Earth and why you chose to come here during this ascension period.

Ishnah (Ray) has been asking these questions for the past 20 years. Through an inner awakening he is now receiving these answers and being directed to teach programs that help others directly open up through fast-track processes that raises consciousness to higher levels which allows higher dimensional frequencies to assemble into the DNA.

The journey to rapid Self Development and Soul Awakening requires:

  • Expansion of existing spiritual / religious beliefs
  • A deeper hunger with perseverance to know the Universal (Absolute) Truth
  • Openness to receive teachings and healings (from the heart without interference from the ego-mind)
  • Letting go of your negative ego (your wealth, status, job title..etc are all illusions..its NOT YOU). Love in your system creates humility and provides a higher perspective to life.
  • An understanding of your Self as a being of energy (with multiple subtle body layers)
  • An understanding that you create with your thought forms and feelings. Positive thought forms create positive energies and negative thought forms create blockages in your system.
  • Clearing all blockages (miasms) from all your subtle bodies. Doing this opens you up to the higher frequency energies. The higher frequency energies speed up your self development and self empowerment process.
  • Develop/Build your pillar of Light and your Central Channel (extension of the Kundalini channel beyond the crown) also known as the Antahkarana or the Rainbow bridge.
  • Opening up your sacred (spiritual) heart. This allows you to open up to the pure love GOD consciousness energy and develop the direct connection to the GOD source.
  • Activation of higher DNA strands (Average human DNA is at 3 - 3.5 strand activation level). This must be raised to at least 5 DNA strands.
  • Activation of the higher light bodies and opening up to at least the 5th Dimensional realm that is now present on Planet Earth. Develop your life to this 5th Dimensional Plane. This  is the beginning process of creating Heaven on Earth.


The difference between the programs taught here and the traditional religious based programs is the higher frequency energies. Deeper understanding of our Universal Time Matrix System expands our wisdom of the 12 Dimensions and its interconnection in our internal Bio Field Grid system. Religion based meditations, mantras and other processes up to now have only been able to connect to 5th-6th Dimension levels. The old way was to uplift your Self from the bottom up working the chakras/kundalini/auras through various breathing and meditation techniques. These processes do work and help clear the lower center blocks and open up a slower rate. Hence take hundreds of years to shift to the higher frequencies.


The New UNIVERSAL Soul Awakening Processes work directly with the higher Universal (D10-14) and Earth energies. This is a top-down approach. The blockages accumulated in the Human Bio Field Grid system are cleared, allowing your higher channels to open up fully to the higher dimensional frequencies. Karmic imprints are cleared and higher DNA strands are activated.


There are many techniques available on the planet to help people prepare themselves for these Universal Soul Awakening Classes. The prerequisites required for these classes, help you progress better/faster the more you have worked on clearing your miasms and activated/cleared your lower chakras. 


We recommend the following fast track techniques/process that can help with the lower body issues as preparation for these High Frequency Soul Awakening Classes:

The Ancient Passion of Life Divine Light Power Breathwork-Meditation Process
This process activates and initiates your inner awakening.  This ancient and unique breathwork process induces the higher frequency energies to flow into your system through the life force energy. As new energy enters your system, your old energy is released from your entire system (at the cellular level). Old degenerative tissues are replenished, allowing the new vibrant energy to empower you. Your old (negative) thought patterns and energy blockages (miasms) are released.  Your spiritual heart opening is activated. The breathwork process with activation of your energy centers (chakras) releases blocked energy from the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Your auric fields are cleared. These clearings allow your system to heal dis-ease caused by the negative thought/emotion patterns from all past cause-effect (karma) cycles.

This process allows you to overcome your current issues and start fresh with new vibrant energy directed with positive intentions (thoughts and emotions for more love, joy, prosperity, freedom, passion, compassion, clarity and perfect health).

The process initiates the inner awakening by opening your spiritual heart wider, you learn to center yourself in love rather than embrace fear. The pure love state empowers all fear and raises your vibration to the higher frequencies.

Breath is your life-force energy. Through breathwork you are able to clear your negative energy blockages, release all fear issues at the cellular level and open up to the higher magnificent and radiant love and light energies. The Passion of Life Divine Light Power Breathwork sessions provide incredible experiences as blockages are cleared and higher vibration levels are attained. This program provides a faster process to manifest your desires by transmitting your intentions into the universal realm while in the Superconscious state  (this is the ideal state for submitting intentions beyond your auric field).

Deeper spiritual awareness is realized by expanding your beliefs and going beyond the mind. The Passion of Life Breathwork-Meditation process takes you beyond the ego-mind through the heart. Breath is your direct connection to Source (the life force energy provider). Many forms of Prayer and traditional (mantra) Meditations limit your progress as they keep you in your mind by allowing you concentrate and focus for short moments. The true gift of deep prayer and meditation comes from going beyond the mind through the heart. The breathwork sessions open up your higher light-energy channels. All forms of meditation practices are deepened once your higher channels have opened.


Learn about the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, their function in this time-matrix system, the purpose for the Karmic Board and karma issues. The importance of fully activating and opening your central channel (The Antahkarana / Rainbow bridge) and spiritual heart. The central channel is an alignment of all your energy centers (chakras) through clearing processes establish an open Kundalini channel in the physical/subtle layers which develops into a Universal Kundalini channel that connects you to the higher frequency aspects of your 6D Soul /8D Oversoul / Monad / I AM PRESENCE.


Energy healers  are able to transmit higher frequency love and light healing energy through their circuits once their frequency levels are raised to the higher dimensional frequencies (Reiki/Prana/Chi is 3rd/4th dimension frequency). See information on higher vibrational Reiki


Universal Soul Awakening Program This phenomenal Self-transformation process has been provided to Ishnah through advanced spiritual masters. The program is a hands-on experiential process that helps clear your negative energies (miasms) and empowers your co-creative process. The program expands your consciousness; you receive a deeper understanding of your Whole Self, the energies within and its relation to vibrations, frequency, density and dimensions. You learn about the Earth School, your journey and purpose on this planet, the  laws of polarity effect  with its positive and negative cycles, the laws of  fear, love, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance. The law of attraction (what is required to make it work for you)-goes beyond what the movie "The Secret" teaches. You will better understand and learn the process to increase your creative force powers and implement this to achieve your desires faster. Learn the importance of opening your sacred heart and raise your frequency to a higher state. Discover the value and power of self-love, compassion and being in a joyful state.  Realize the true cause of anger, depression, stress and anxiety. Learn how to overcome this. Clear your issues. Learn the importance of living in the present moment and how this creates your life. Learn about the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional life and the process of uplifting your life from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension and higher states.

This program makes you
better understand how reality works and the most effective and direct way of opening up to the Universal Source. In the advance levels you will be introduced to spiritual sacred geometry differences, many Merkaba processes being taught and their benefits/issues and the significance of Merkaba mechanics to Ascension (Eternal Life Merkaba vs Finite Life Merkaba)
. And which of the Merkaba techniques being taught are Finite or Eternal processes (Flower of Life, the Melchizedek Merkaba and Guardian Alliance Merkaba processes). [A warning to seekers. please be cautious on your ascension journey....many processes (including lower dimensional Merkaba and sacred geometry teachings with origins through an Egyptian master) does more harm than good to your inner system and can distort your progress].


Upon connecting with and transmitting the higher Universal love and light energy frequencies, your co-creative abilities are empowered. This allows you to develop, attract and manifest your desires faster. The manifestation process (which is beyond just positive thinking with intentions) is taught with a deeper understanding of the Earth matrix process that creates blocks in your manifestation cycle.


This program also awakens you to the cosmic reality and teaches you the Universal laws of Gratitude, Love, Cause and Effect, and the law of attraction. Manifesting a prosperous life full of love, joy, freedom and perfect health is now within your reach with the higher Universal love and light energy.


Everyone goes through lifecycles of good and bad times. Every situation in a person's life is self created by their own individual thoughts, words, emotions and deeds. Hoping, worrying and being anxious without action is not positive, and creates stressful depressive states. Realizing that all of life's situations are lessons that require mastery makes a person accept all situations. This program teaches you to 'be' in the present without the worry and anxiety. It makes you realize your lessons in every situation and the process of overcoming the lesson and moving forward.


To understand the Universal truth, ask your masters, teachers, guides, or GOD (within) "WHO AM I" and contemplate on "WHY AM I HERE ON THIS PLANET RIGHT NOW" (discover what the Earth school is about and your true purpose for being here). There is much more to life than living through the routine daily rat race issues/benefits.


Most humans have fallen into the belief in the savior.  The savior or being a savior or searching for one to save oneself is in opposition to the path of ascension.  Why is this so?  Ascension requires turning inward to discover one�s own god-goddess within.  In so doing, one becomes one�s own savior and one�s own champion to continue to transcend in the journey of ascension.


Open up to understand that all Earthly GODs / masters / teachers that are prayed to through religious beliefs came upon the Earth plane to teach the beings on this planet to connect directly to the UNIVERSAL GOD SOURCE by GOING WITHIN and connecting through their inner Self. The masters did not come on this planet to be worshipped. Give your love and connect with your masters to receive their love and guidance, for their purpose is to help you ascend. Listen and implement their deepest message, that is to open your heart to feel love for yourself and others, release your negative Ego, fully forgive yourself and everyone and connect directly to the GOD source (Oneness) from within. You are from the same energy as the GOD source, this is how we are all connected at the higher level.




This is a non-sectarian, non-denominational program. The Self-Transformation process is for anyone that wants to deepen their spiritual/soul connection (expand their inner light), enhance their daily prayer / meditation, speed up their spiritual progress, develop their ability to manifest by connecting and receiving the higher Universal love and light energies (now being transmitted onto this planet), improve their life, achieve their goals faster, develop and improve relationships and become a better person.






The  Universal Soul Awakening program through advanced processes provides phenomenal experiences:


  • Creates awareness of you as a spiritual being and expands your limited beliefs
  • Releases your stuck pain, suppressed emotions and stress
  • Empowers your thought process, overcome fearful issues (worry, hope, anxiety)
  • Controls anger, overcomes depression and low self-esteem
  • Opens up your spiritual body: Aura, the Chakras, and higher energy channels
  • Gain more confidence, self-control, focus, direction
  • Expands your heart and fills you with greater flow of Love and compassion
  • Develops clarity of vision for your career / Life path & greater creativity
  • Attracts and manifests your desires and goals using the creative GOD force 
  • Connects and establishes a more open and direct relationship to your higher GOD source
  • Lets you see your life from the higher perspective, allows you to accept all life experiences with a better understanding.
  • Makes you a better person, feel more joy, love, and peace.
  • Improves your relationships
  • Energy (Reiki) healers expand their channels/capacity and access the higher Universal healing energies.
  • Become aware of the deeper aspect of prayer and meditation. Learn the ascension meditation technique (Merkaba) and activate your Christ Consciousness
  • Kundalini Activation through clearing of Chakra seals
  • Develop Soul Integration & Higher Frequency DNA Activations
  • Karmic Imprint Clearing
  • Stronger awareness of the illusion of Life
  • Develop / strengthen your protection shield
  • True Consciousness Expansion with full embodiment of 12D God Seed


To attend or set up a program in your area submit your interest. A minimum of 6 people are required (USA/Canada). International requires 15+ people.        

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