The AMOREA Arc Project "Safe Zone"

    When the "Final Conflict Drama" ended in Stale-mate between the Black Hole races & Guardian races during the 22,326BC failed Stellar Activations Cycle (SAC), the Yanas of the Eckasha-Aah Worlds instructed the Eieyani Flame Keeper Races of the Eckas Worlds to "put Earth on-line with" the ancient imminent crisis templar override mechanism called the Emerald Ecka Override System or EEOS. When the Wesedak black hole races from a fallen Veca Universe in Eckasha-A Spectra-2 invaded our Eckasha-A Spectra-3 Veca Universe via activation of their Arimathaea Wormhole during the Gaian-Orion Wars 570 million years ago, the Yanas of the Eckasha-Aah instructed the Ecka Eieyani races to install the EEOS within key control areas of the Universal, Galactic and Planetary Templars of our Universal Veca (our 15-Dimensional Universal Time Matrix & its Parallel Time Matrix). During the Wesedaks and Pleiadian-Nibiurian Anunnaki invasion of Earth's Lemuria and Atlantis in 22,326 BC, the Yanas' order was given for the Ecka Eieyani to install the EEOS mechanism in the Planetary Shields of Earth and Parallel Earth. The EEOS was created as the "final option" for crisis intervention, should the Wesedak Black Hole races initiate the final activation sequence of their Templar "BeaST" Machine. The Wesedaks' construction of the "BeaST" Machine in our Universal Veca began 570 million years ago; in 25,500BC, during the "Lucifer Rebellion" and "Archangel Michael-Lucifer Pact" of Atlantis, the NDC-Grid (Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid) Nibiruian Anunnaki Earth-shield installment initiated Earth's forced link-up to the Beast Machine. When the Wesedaks failed to fulfill their invasion agenda in the 22,326BC SAC, they systematically upgraded their Beast implant system on Earth, installing the "4 Black Hearts of Metatron", the "Apollyon-666-Metatronic Seed-Atom" and "Michael-Mary Turnstiles" Implants in Earth's shield in preparation for the next scheduled 2000-2017AD SAC. Earth is Universal and Galactic Star Gate-3 and our Sun is Universal Star Gate-4 in our Universal Time Matrix, making our solar system a primary target for the Wesedak's Beast agenda. Due to the Universal Temple positions of Earth and our Sun, our solar system holds the final key for completion and fulfillment of the Beast agenda. In response to the "pending doom" of black hole assimilation that the Wesedaks intended for Earth and our Time Matrix, the Yanas and Eieyani brought the EEOS crisis intervention mechanism to Earth, implanting the EEOS network in Earth's Shields.

    The EEOS was designed to prevent the BeaST machine from drawing this Universal Veca into their Black Hole system; in the even that full BeaST activation was initiated, the EEOS would initiate automatic and reciprocal activation. Activation of the EEOS would set in motion an Ecka Star Gate release sequence that would systematically open the Ecka Gates from the Eckasha-Aah Reuchea down to the Veca system, allowing the 12 Reuche Pillars and the Amoraea Eternal Flame to fully anchor within the Veca Shields, preventing the shields from completely reversing for Black Hole Descent. The 12 Reuche Pillar Se-Urs from the Core God Worlds would serve as shield stabilization fields, holding the integrity of the core shields template (Kathara Grid), while rapidly resetting the Divine Blueprint from the Eckasha-Aah Worlds down. The EEOS would literally "reset the Cosmic Clock" of Templar Star Gate Cycling Sequences, restoring the original "clock Setting" upon which this Veca Matrix was founded 950 billion years ago, before the first black hole Phantom matrix fall of 250 billion years ago, during which our Universal Veca "Cosmic Clock" was slowed to allow the Phantom matrix healing experiment to commence.

    Once activated, the EEOS opens the Ecka Gates "Path of Amoraea" Gate 12-9-6-3-1 Sequence, beginning with the lowest Gates in the Universal Veca & moving upward to the Eckasha-Aah Reuchea; the Path of Amoraea Gates release the AMORAEA CENTRAL FLAME of the Reuchea, creating a massive CENTRAL SE-UR' ARC of ManU- Amoraea "silent sound" frequency, that serves as the central carrier-anchor wave for the Se-Ur' Arcs of the 12 Reuche Pillars. Once the Amoraea Arc releases into our Universal Veca, it breaks into 2 Arcs, the base-magnetic- Particum ManU-EirA MOTHER ARC that anchors in our Veca Quadrants 1-4 of our 15- Dimensional Time Matrix, and the base-electrical-Partika ManU-ManA FATHER ARC that anchors in Veca Quadrants 2 -3 of the Parallel Time Matrix. Once the "Mother and Father" Arcs of Amoraea and their "Daughter & Son" interface Arcs are anchored in the Universal, Galactic and Planetary Shields, via the Ecka Star Gates and their Crystal Pylon Temples, the 12 Reuchea Pillar Standing-wave-Arcs anchor. The 12 Reuche Pillars arc between our Veca Quadrants and the Parallel Quadrants, holding our Time Matrix and the Parallel Matrix together through the central Inner Ecka World, while permanently severing the link to the BeaST Wesedak Shields interface systems. The EEOS is designed to cut our Universal Veca free from Phantom and Wesedak "BeaST" Wormhole Networks in the event that the BeaST is "awakened". The EEOS is the last resort of protecting our Veca Universe from being "devoured by the Beast" and permanently assimilated by the Wesedak imploding Black Hole system.

    On March 23, 2002, the UIR initiated the final activation sequence of the BeaST, bringing the last of the "4 Black Hearts of Metatron" Shield Implants to life, fully initiating the "Flaming Blue Sword of Archangel Michael" TURNSTILE MATRIX and "Fire Sword Initiation". The Wesedak Turnstile Matrix Implant system, called the "Michael-Mary Turnstiles", is the "circulatory system" of the BeaST Machine, that systematically runs the Wesedaks artificially generated D-13 Reverse Current, via the "666" Star Gate wormhole alignment (Universal Star Gates 6, in our Time Matrix, Phantom Matrix & Wesedak Matrix) through all primary Universal, Galactic and Planetary Templars in our Universal Veca. The "Blue Sword" Current is intended to fully reverse the Kathara Grid core templates within our Universal Veca to the Anti-Christiac (severed D-12 Divine Blueprint) Metatronic-Wesedak Code. The Metatronic Code is a contrived, permanent, irreparable mathematical shield template mutation that allows black hole races to create a "living dead" electro-static, artificial life, inverted matrix through which they can postpone the inevitable implosion of their systems, by forcefully draining the life force energies from, and "assimilating" the life fields of, living Time Matrix systems. On March 23, 2002, the automated EEOS system initiated automatic activation in response to the Blue Flame Current released by the UIR activated BeaST machine. As per the long-standing, ancient EEOS crisis intervention protocol, Guardian races immediately moved to their "PLAN B" AMORAEA ARC PROJECT" agenda.

    The EEOS is designed in a way that requires the incarnate presence of Eieyani Indigo races on the planet to release the EEOS Emerald Security Seals on Earth's Templar in the event of EEOS activation. If the Emerald Security Seals are not released through "downloading" the Indigo DNA Template Security Seal Keys, due to destruction of the Indigo populations, the 12 Reuche Pillars will force their way through the sealed Templar of Earth, saving this Time Matrix from permanent destruction, but causing major pole shift on Earth. This aspect of the EEOS was a necessary security measure; it is intended to clear surface of invading races that need physical presence on planet to complete BeaST activation and Wesedak assimilation. As long as the Indigos remain alive and free on Earth, they will release the DNA Security Seal Keys into Earth's Templar, allowing for the Amoraea Arc Project crisis intervention to commence without causing severe Earth changes. The UIR BeaST Machine is designed to intentionally create pole shift, which is needed for Wesedak black hole assimilation; as long as the EEOS Security Seals are released by the Indigo Earth Teams, the intended cataclysmic effects of the BeaST can be greatly reduced, though not completely averted. In response to this now imminent circumstance, the Guardians' "PLAN B" Amoraea Arc Project agenda also includes rapid EVAC training, in preparation for the likely event that the BeaST agenda will cause political chaos and Earth changes severe enough to warrant temporary evac of humans, Indigos and Earth life forms to the Inner Ecka Earth counterpart planet (Aramentania). Evac to the Inner Ecka system is available to life forms whose DNA is capable of withstanding base-12 Ecka Star Gate passage. First priority in the PLAN-B Amoraea Arc Project agenda is the Indigo Emerald Security Seals Release initiative, which will prepare Earth's Templar to safely receive the Amoraea Arcs and 12 Reuche Pillars.

    The Amoraea "MOTHER ARC' will enter Earth's Shields between May 5-May 31, 2003, as the UIR activates its "666-Apollyon-Metatronic Seed Atom" of the BeaST Machine. The "666-Apollyon" Shield Implant is positioned in Earth's Shields at Planetary Density-Lock-2, near Sahara NW Africa, the natural Planetary Kathara Grid center point at which the Amoraea MOTHER ARC, or "13th Pillar", transfers from USG-3/GSG-3 at Earth's Core into Earth's Planetary Templar. The UIR's intended activation of the Beast via release of the "666-Apollyon" Implant on May 12, 2003 will set the "4 Black Hearts of Metatron" Implants in Earth's Shields into simultaneous activation. The May 12, 2003 UIR BeaST activation will take 15 days to initiate in Earth's Shields. On May 27, 2003 the "4 Black Hearts of Metatron" Implants will begin "beating", and the Amoraea MOTHER ARC will simultaneously reach full activation in Density-Lock-2. These events will usher in the official starting point of manifestation of the "NIGHT OF THE 2 MOONS" prophecy. Activation of the "4 Black Hearts" will set the Wesedaks intended planetary "Fire Sword Initiation" and the next phase of Illuminati One World Order Script "Trigger Events", including initiating preparation for the "return of Nibiru-Battlestar Wormwood" scenario, in full swing. As the UIR rouses the BeaST from its Planetry-Lock-2 lair on May 27, 2003, the Amoraea MOTHER ARC "13th Pillar" will simultaneously release within Planetary Density-Lock-2. The Amoraea MOTHER ARC ManU-EirA Current of "standing silent sound" will intersect with the Wesedaks D-13 R "Blue Sword" Current of reversed matrix Photo-Radionic Light within the 666-Apollyon Implant, causing the "666-Apollyon Metatronic Seed Atom" Implant to SPLIT as its unnatural, forced bonding to Earth's Templar at PSG-11 Milk Hill, Vale of Pewsey-England is severed. Splitting of the Metatronic Seed Atom Implant will prevent the "Blue Sword" Current from running through and reversing portions of Earth's Templar that have at least 51% of the organic Divine Blue Print (DBP) remaining in the Shield. Areas of Earth's Templar that have less than the 30% DBP remaining, which implies a 70% Metatronic mutation, will receive the "Blue Sword" Current and "Fire Sword Initiation," and will be unable to receive or anchor the protective frequencies of the Amoraea MOTHER ARC. Areas of Earth's Shields receiving the Fire Sword Initiation on May 27, 2003, via the splitting of the "666-Apollyon Metatronic Seed Atom" Implant, will begin to separate from the organic Shields of Earth that hold 51%+ DBP and begin their Template Monadic Reversal and frequency descent into the Wesedak Black Hole within 2-5 years. This Planetary Shield separation, which WILL initiate on May 27, 2003, will begin the separation of Earth's Planetary Radial Body, a process that will be completed on December 21, 2012, and will mark the beginning of fulfillment of the prophecy of the "NIGHT OF THE 2 MOONS".

    Areas of Earth with 51%+ DBP will become ascending, stable BRIDGE ZONES to Inner Ecka Universes; areas with 30%- DBP will become descending, progressively volatile "BLACK HOLE ZONES". Areas of Earth's Shields that have not already succumbed to 70% Metatronic Coding will become unstable "GREY ZONES', in which the Planetary Tectonics, Climatic Patterns and populations will progressively strain as the regional Planetary Shield progressively splits into an ascending Bridge Zone Shield and a descending Black Hole Zone Shield.
The safest "Safe Zone" on Planet is WITHIN YOUR OWN ACTIVATED AMORAEA FLAME BODY, which, when sufficiently activated creates a "walking safe zone portal passage to Inner Ecka Earth and the Temple of Khem-a-lo-ha-tea", while strengthening Planetary Shield protection wherever you might go..